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Program for Singers | July 28—August 20, 2022

Program Overview

RSMI’s Program for Singers offers a unique setting for 15 classical singers to delve deeply into the vast repertoire of art song for three weeks. Fellows are paired with staff collaborative pianists to work with a faculty of distinguished musicians, pedagogues, and scholars on varied aspects of the musical tradition, including style, technique, language, diction, dramaturgy, performance, and career preparation.

Kevin Murphy

Director of the Program for Singers, Kevin Murphy

First-time participant, soprano Brittany Logan, and third-time fellow, soprano Tiffany Choe, talk about their experience at Ravinia Steans Music Institute's Program for Singers during the summer of 2021.


Notable Alumni

Barbara Hannigan

Barbara Hannigan

Soprano & Conductor, 1999

Karen Slack

Karen Slack

Soprano, 2008

Measha Bruegger-Gosman

Measha Bruegger-Gosman

Soprano, 2002

Amanda Majeski

Amanda Majeski

Soprano, 2007

Janai Brugger

Janai Brugger

Soprano, 2011

Jennifer Johnson Cano

Jennifer Johnson Cano

Mezzo-Soprano, 2008


Faculty and Fellows

Kevin Murphy, Program Director and Piano

Marianne Barrett, German Diction and Repertoire

Steven Blier, Vocal Coach and Pianist

Alan Darling, Vocal Coach and Pianist

James Conlon, Conductor and Master Clinician

Cori Ellison, Dramaturg

Walter Huff, Vocal Coach and Pianist

Graham Johnson, Scholar (German Lieder and French Melodie)

Gerald Martin Moore, Voice Teacher

Heidi Grant Murphy, Soprano and Voice Teacher

Patricia McCaffrey, Mezzo-Soprano and Voice Teacher

Lee Musiker, Music Director, Piano, Arranger

JJ Penna, Vocal Coach and Piano

Jennifer Ringo, Language and Diction Coach

Mark Schnaible, Bass-Baritone and Voice Teacher

Melissa Wegner, Career Development

Javier Arrebola, Head of Piano Staff

Kunal Lahiry

Lucas Nogara

Nikolay Verevkin

Ting Ting Wong

Lucy Baker, Mezzo-Soprano

Joel Balzun, Baritone

Ekaterina Chayka-Rubinstein, Mezzo-Soprano

Tiffany Choe, Soprano

Nuno de Araújo Pereira, Baritone

Yuntong Han, Tenor

Theo Hoffman, Baritone

Donghoon Kang, Bass-Baritone

Laurence Kilsby, Tenor

Anneliese Klenetsky, Soprano

Sabrina Langlois, Soprano

Siphokazi Molteno, Mezzo-Soprano

Korin Thomas-Smith, Baritone

Chloé Vaught, Soprano

David Wolfe, Baritone