General Information

Ravinia Guests entering through West Gate

Ravinia Festival®, North America’s oldest music festival, stands today as its most musically diverse, presenting a large variety of different events throughout the summer. These concerts run the gamut from Yo-Yo Ma to John Legend to the annual summer residency of the nation’s finest orchestra, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The 36-acre park is nestled in a gently wooded area that makes it an enchanting place to experience music. Guests can bring their own picnics or eat at one of the park restaurants.

Our Mission

Ravinia® is an internationally renowned, not-for-profit music festival that presents outstanding performances by the world’s greatest artists. Ravinia’s principal objectives are:

  • To present performances of a full range of classical music in its open-air Pavilion and enclosed recital halls, by the world’s greatest composers and musicians, along with a variety of other kinds of light classical, jazz, and popular music;
  • To maintain a beautiful park that is welcoming to all and attractive to families in which the music experience is enhanced by a beautiful environment and excellent dining opportunities;
  • To enable gifted young performers to study under great teachers and perform in concert settings; and
  • To develop broader and more diverse audiences for classical music through education and community engagement programs and by maintaining affordable ticket prices.

No Street Parking

Ravinia is located within a residential neighborhood, and parking as well as picking up or dropping off people along the streets surrounding Ravinia is strictly prohibited. Highland Park Police will issue tickets to violators. The fine is $100. Click here for more info on parking.

Park Map

View or download our park map for the locations of Ravinia’s venues, parking lots, Festival Shop, and in-park dining options.

Ticket Policy

Read up on our ticket policy for answers to frequestly asked questions about buying and using tickets for live music performances at Ravinia.

Ravinia Recycles

All of the trash gathered after performances at Ravinia is hand-sifted for recyclables.

Lost & Found

For Lost and Found inquiries, please call the box office at 847-266-5100.

First Aid

A first aid station is located just north of the Pavilion, where a nurse and physician are on duty at every performance. Please contact the nearest usher if you need assistance. The first aid station can be reached by calling 847-266-5000 ext. 5196.

Smoke Free

Ravinia is proud to have been the nation’s first outdoor festival to create a smoke-free concert environment starting in 1995.

On January 1, 2008, the City of Highland Park, in support of the Smoke Free Illinois Act, expanded their local smoking prohibition to include outdoor parking lots, public parks, and the Green Bay Road Trail, which runs in front of our main entrance.

Ravinia has designated two smoking areas: one located outisde the West Gate entrance and one in the North Parking Lot. These are the only two areas where smoking will be permitted. Smoking is prohibited throughout the other areas of the park and in the Park and Ride loading areas.


Ravinia’s smoking policy extends to e-cigarettes and vapor devices, with their use restricted to the designated smoking areas.


Though Illinois has legalized recreational marijuana, state law prohibits public use of cannabis. Guests will be asked to return all forms of marijuana products to their vehicles or surrender them to onsite police for destruction.

Prohibited Items

Any item deemed harmful or unsafe by Ravinia staff is prohibited.

While comfort and enjoyment of a night out at Ravinia are our top priorities, guests are prohibited from bringing the following items into the park:

  • Firearms or explosives (including those possessed by off-duty officers or concealed carry license holders)
  • Signs or banners displaying obscene, derogatory, inappropriate, or political messages
  • Professional photographic and video or audio recording equipment
  • Grills
  • Beer kegs
  • Athletic equipment (e.g., balls and flying discs)
  • Bicycles, scooters, or skates (bike racks can be found outside the west and south entrances)
  • Pets (service animals are permitted)
  • Tents or canopies
  • Umbrellas over six feet in diameter
  • Anything that needs to be staked into the ground
  • Drones or other flying apparatus
  • Firepits or large open flames

Contact the box office at 847-266-5100 with any questions.

Performance Content

Ravinia does not censor or control the content created by guest artists. If you have sensitivities to adult language or socio-political commentary, please be aware of the artists’ work before purchasing tickets to and/or attending their performances.