Ravinia Associates Board

The Ravinia Associates Board is a premier group of over 90 Chicagoland young professionals who share a passion for Ravinia and the musical arts. Its mission is to support Ravinia by promoting awareness of the festival and its year-round music programs, encouraging the development of new audiences for classical music, and contributing to Ravinia, its Reach Teach Play education programs, and the Ravinia Steans Music Institute. To date, the Associates Board has contributed nearly $5 million to the festival and those programs through its Music Matters benefit and other fundraisers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Membership is targeted to individuals who are around the age of 45 and younger at the time of enrollment.
  • Prospective members should be interested in the mission and objectives of the board and be willing and able to devote time to fulfill the responsibilities of membership.
  • Financial responsibilities include paying annual membership dues, supporting fundraising efforts, and contributing to Ravinia’s Annual Fund.
  • Meeting requirements include quarterly board meetings and various committee meetings as needed for event planning and group operation.
  • Read the full list of membership responsibilities and privileges.
  • The Associates extend offers to join the board once a year in late August / early September.
  • Typically the board will host two open houses over the summer, inviting anyone who has applied for membership.
  • Prospective members are strongly encouraged to attend the open houses sponsored by the board during the summer.
  • If you are not able to attend an open house, please work with the Membership co-chairmen to schedule a one-on-one visit.
  • Passion for classical music, including education and audience development
  • Experience with fundraising and/or soliciting items for auction
  • Diverse personal and professional backgrounds
Complete your membership application online
  • While not required, it’s strongly encouraged to meet current board members and attend some of the Associates’ events—such as the Music Matters benefit in May and the board’s audience development events that take place on Ravinia’s Lawn during the summer—before applying. If you don’t know any current members, please let the Membership co-chairmen know, and they will provide introductions to other board members.
  • Unless there is a special circumstance, decisions on new board members are made in late August / early September.
  • You will be notified whether the board has accepted or rejected your application.
    • If you are accepted, you will be expected to be at the Associates’ Annual Meeting, typically in late September.
    • If you are rejected, you may apply the following year. There are no restrictions on how many times you may apply to the board.



Heidi Bellinger, President

Jeffrey Condren, Vice President

Jonathan Cifonelli, Secretary

David Schultz, Treasurer


Active Members:

Katie Alland*
Jessica Angelica
Brian Arnfelt
Stephanie Baiocchi*
Amanda Baker*
Wicks Barkhausen
Heidi Bellinger*
Cody Boukather
Kevin Casey*
Danny Chaimson
Jonathan Cifonelli*
Jeff Condren*
Francine Conway
Seth Corush
Brian Crush
Devon Embery
Chris Falcon
Nathan Fineman*
Adam Gelfeld
Aamer Ghaffar

Charles Giglio*
Josh Gilbert
Winston Glass III*
Peter Green
Vanessa Ground
Alex Hajian*
Zachary Harris
Andrew Hart
William Henderson*
Lauren Jansen
Emily Kappers*
Perri Kramer
Kathleen LaVoy*
Stephen Lindley
Vianni Lubus
Megan May
Tracy Michaels
Josh Nanus*
Christine Nogal

Paras Parekh
Rebecca Payne*
Geoff Pipoly
Ryan Razowsky*
Chloe Saddler
Jeffrey Samotny
Eric Schultz
David Schultz*
Eric Siemborski*
Shandice Sluch
Michelle Sotak
Nicole Szczepanek
Tom Templeton*
Michael Tirman
Roxana Underwood*
Andrew VanCura*
Victor Vizzuett
Adam Warkenthien
Kurt Wittmeyer
Paulina Zurakov

* Executive Committee

Sustaining Members:

Christopher Atkinson
Daniel Chapman
Christy David
Cheryl DeMong Hubbard
David Gaspar
Seth Gastwirth
Steven Greene
Kristin Heger
Sharon Horos
Nagawa Kakumba
Kiki Katz
Grace Konopacki
Kara Korte

Dana Kumar
Beth Lambert
Jennifer Luby
Steve Madden
Christian Mancera
Jonathan Marks
Jennifer McGlinn
Kristina McIntyre
Thomas McWalters
Stacy Overby
Angela Pace-Moody
Lauren Popiel
Alyssa Quinlan

Stephen Rappin
Susanna Reding
Ken Robertson
Don Ross
Jason Schmitt
Molly Selsby
Steven Steinmeyer
Julie Van Overbeek
Bob Vasa
Claire Weiler
Benjamin Wineman