Ravinia's Women’s Board

group photo of Ravinia Women's Board


An integral part of Ravinia Festival® for over 60 years

The Ravinia Women’s Board, founded in 1962, has raised over $27 million for Ravinia over its storied history. Major fundraisers include the annual summer Gala, Ravinia Festival Shop and Chair Rental, the Tribute Fund and the Ravinia Cruise. All proceeds from these fundraising efforts help support Ravinia Festival®'s enhancement of the "park experience," scholarships at Steans Institute for Young Artists, and the Reach Teach Play® education programs in Chicago-area schools. We are extremely proud of the creation of the first Ravinia student orchestra in October 2012—based on Venezuela’s acclaimed El Sistema model, Sistema Ravinia fosters social development through exceptional music training.


Responsible for the following projects:

wb page thumbnail Festival Shop

The Festival Shop is managed by the Ravinia's Women's Board, and benefits Ravinia and its music education programs.

wb page thumbnail Chair Rental

Ravinia Chair Rental is managed by the Ravinia's Women's Board, and benefits Ravinia and its music education programs.

Ravinia Gala 2020 thumb Gala Benefit

The Ravinia Women’s Board hosts a magical evening of music and dinner at Ravinia to support the mission of bringing music to the community.

Poster Contest

For 43 years the Ravinia Women’s Board has sponsored this annual competition to create a unique poster designed to be used in promoting the festival’s upcoming season.

Tribute Gifts

Ravinia Festival® Women’s Board Tribute Fund provides a unique opportunity to create a meaningful and enduring commemoration of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one.

Michele Ihlanfeldt, Chairman

Betsey Madden, Vice Chairman

Evey Schweig, Administrative Vice Chairman

Mary Alice Miller, Recording Secretary

Regina Wootton, Treasurer

Judy Konen, Member-at-large

Alyssa Quinlan, Member-at-large

Evette Williams, Member-at-large

Megan P. Anderson

Vicki Apatoff

Sarah Barden

Andrea Bechtel

Debra Beck

Michele Becker

Jean S. Berghoff

Elizabeth B. Bergmann

Susie Bodeen

Emily Borovsky

Mary A. Boyer

Audrey C. Rubinstein Buntman

Leslie S. Carothers

Wendy A. Cartland

Mamie Case

Jane D. Casper

Judith B. Castellini

Jane B. Colman

Kirby L. Colson

Catherine Cooper

Gayla W. Cox

Chandra Cramer

Elizabeth Crown

Barbara Daniels

Barbara Besant Denison

Jeanne M. Denison

Kelly Epstein

Melinda Meade DeStefano

Annette G. Dezelan

Victoria Dorgan

Susan Elliott
Kelly Epstein

Karen Ettelson

Ellen Falkof

Joan Feitler

Venita E. Fields

Virginia Foreman

Christy Fowler

Barbara G. Greis

Charlotte Hadley

Madeline Halpern

Molly Heald

Marilyn Heath

Gail Hodges

Betsy Holden

Karen Morgan Holmberg

Michele Ihlanfeldt

Kathryn D. Ingraham

Jeannie W. James

Kimberly Kacyn

Elizabeth Karabatsos

Liz Katz

Kiki T. Katz

Hyon Kim

Peggy Wagner Kimble

Carol E. Klenk

Emily T. Knight

Dolores Kohl Kaplan

Judith Konen

Beth Lambert

Claudia Lane

Amy Lubin

Jen Luby

Suzanne Lyman

Betsey Madden

Debra Marks

Nicky Mayber

Pam Mayo

Judy McCarter

Jean McClung

Patricia L. McGrath

Elizabeth McLean

Ruthie McNally

Sheila Medvin

Mary Alice Miller

Lucy R. Minor

Randi Miron

Iliana A. Mora

Mary Moreland

Catharine Murphy

Rebecca Murray

Toby M. Newman

Judy Newton

Daniela A. O'Leary-Gill

Kathy Paleczny

Marian P. Pawlick

Jane Perkins

Sara Pfaff

Sue N. Pick

Kristin Pilant

Betsey Pinkert

Cynthia Pinkerton

Carol Pollock

Alyssa Quinlan

Andrea Rein

Gloria Reisner

Silvia Rota

Nancy A. Rotering

Patricia Sanders

Anne Scheyer

Susan B. Schmitt

Carol W. Schroeder

Evey Schweig

Stephanie A. Sick

Patricia Sikorovsky

Susan Spears
Jennifer W. Steans

Lois Steans

Marcie Stein

Toria Stender

Pamela B. Strobel

Elizabeth Maxwell Thomas

Lisa B. Tribbett

Marilyn M. Vender

Florette Weiss

Evette Williams

Joan Wing

Janet Winter

Jane Woldenberg

Regina Wootton

Patricia R. Zeeman

Sandra K. Crown

Lou Guthrie

Elizabeth L. Nathan

Kate S. Shapiro