Concert Dance, Inc.

Bennett Gordon Hall
Thursday, June 7, 2012
5:00 PM
Gates Open
7:30 PM
Concert Starts
Reserved $10
No lawn sales
Ticket & dining package $40 - Sold out


Program to include:

Stifler: Clair de Lune (music by Debussy) (world premiere)
Controlled Chaos
Une Âme Éveillée (music by Liszt)

Also included are two world premiere works: Venetia Stifler’s dance based on Greek folk dances; company member Amy Wilkinson celebrates her 10th Anniversary with CDI and choreographs a piece that explores the themes of transition and travel in her new work, The 42nd Parallel.

About The Artist


In order for our audiences to get to know our artists better, we’ve asked those appearing at Ravinia this summer to answer some lighthearted questions, and we will share the answers we received with you.

Q: What is the best compliment you ever received and from whom?
A: “You look like you lost weight.”

Q: In one word, what is the key to happiness?
A: Editing

Q: What’s the strangest thing that ever made you laugh during a performance?
A: a live goat on the Ruth Page Theater stage

Q: If you could choose any artist(s) (dead or alive) to cover one of your dances, which artist and which dance?
A: Greta Garbo, dancing to “Falling In Love Again.”

Q: What career would you have if you couldn’t be in music?
A: Debutante

Q: The worst advice I ever received was:
A: “Do what you love.”

Q: If you allowed a reality television crew to come to your house for the day, what would your fans be most surprised at when they saw the footage?
A: How sweet and nice my husband is to me.  And how well our cats have us trained.