Sunday, June 25, 2023

Jesse & Joy

Grammy-Winning Sibling Duo’s Ravinia Debut!

Venue: Pavilion
Donor Gates Open:
4:30 PM
Gates Open:
5:00 PM
Concert Starts:
7:30 PM
Media Support: Amor 106.7


Reserved Seats: $50–$85
Premium Lawn Blocks: $50*
General Lawn Admission: $40^

* Price per person; must reserve full block of 2, 4, or 6

^ Price increases by $5 one week before the event; ticket selection screen shows current price

Dining Reservation Availability

Lawn Bar - Has reservations available! (May be limited to donors.)

Freehling Room - Has reservations available! (May be limited to donors.)

Tree Top - Has reservations available! (May be limited to donors.)

Park View - Has reservations available! (May be limited to donors.)

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Ravinia is becoming a cashless venue and encourages all guests to bring credit/debit cards or other cashless forms of payment. Cash will not be accepted at The Festival Shop, Wintrust Chair & Table Rental, Dining Pavilion restaurants, and concessions and bars.

  Dining/Concessions at Ravinia Festival®

Ravinia Market, Lawn Bar, Tree Top, and Park View are all open. Concession carts and the Scoop Café additionally serve drinks and snacks. The Freehling Room is open to eligible Ravinia donors (for reservations, call 847-432-7655). Please press the button above or call 847-432-7550 for all other dining reservations.

About the Artist

Authentic, talented, and blazing a style that has connected them with millions of people around the world, Jesse & Joy are Mexico’s most beloved musical power duo. Their songs “¡Corre!,” “Llorar,” “Me Voy,” “¿Con Quién se Queda el Perro?,” and “Espacio Sideral,” are just a few staples from a vast catalog of memorable lyrics and melodies, backed by platinum certifications, sold-out shows, a Grammy Award, and six Latin Grammys. In 2022, Jesse & Joy released their sixth album, Cliches, which began to form eight years ago. The duo worked on perfecting their new music during the pandemic, exploring different sounds to celebrate life, love, and diversity. While Joy sought to transmit the feelings through her voice, Jesse ventured to play almost all the instruments to perfectly complement the lyrics that both took charge of writing.

Champions for LGBT+ rights, in 2021 Jesse & Joy were honored at the GLAAD Awards for their extraordinary contributions to the community. They are major advocates for immigration rights and animal rights, working closely with UnidosUS, PETA and PETA Latino, and Animal Heroes, with whom they’ve been instrumental in Mexico’s animal rights legislation. Jesse & Joy use their music as a tool to promote peace and non-violence throughout Latin American communities.


Jesse & Joy

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