RSMI: William Bolcom and Friends

$10 BGH Classics series

Ravinia’s Steans Music Institute: Program for Singers

Bennett Gordon Hall
Monday, August 14, 2017
5:00 PM
Gates Open
6:00 PM
Concert Starts

Tickets: $10
No lawn sales

Don't miss: RSMI Composer Conversation with William Bolcom at 5:30 p.m.


  3 Poèmes de Jean Cocteau, Op. 59
Fête de Bordeaux
Fête de Montmartre

Taylor Raven, mezzo-soprano
Javier Arrebola, piano
William Bolcom
(b. 1938)

Three Donald Hall Songs
Horse Song
O Cheese
Wheel of the Oxcart

Alex Lawrence, baritone
Zalman Kelber, piano

Tillinghast Duo
Costa del Nowhere

Raehann Bryce-Davis, mezzo-soprano
Zalman Kelber, piano


The Serpent from Open House

Cooper Nolan, tenor
Peter Walsh, piano

from I will Breathe a Mountain
The Crazy Woman
O To Be a Dragon
Never More Will The Wind
How to Swing Those Obbligatos Around

Kathleen Felty, mezzo-soprano
Nikolay Verevkin, piano

Let Evening Come

Clarissa Lyons, soprano
Zoë Martin-Doike, viola
Bretton Brown, piano

  Will You Love Me In December

Kara Dugan, mezzo-soprano
Peter Walsh, piano
  I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard

Cadie Jordan, soprano
Bretton Brown, piano
  On the Banks of the Wabash

Leo Radosavljevic, bass-baritone
Javier Arrebola, piano
(b. 1938)
  Messing About In Boats from The Wind in the Willows

I Remember from Songs to Dance

My Father the Gangster from Casino Paradise

Emily Misch, soprano
Peter Walsh, piano

River Song from The Wind in the Willows
The Curse from Casino Paradise
Vaslav's Song from Songs to Dance

Cadie Jordan, soprano
Bretton Brown, piano

from Cabaret Songs
The Actor
Miracle Song

Devony Smith, soprano
Nikolay Verevkin, piano

Over the Piano
Oh Close the Curtain

Shana Grossman, soprano
Zalman Kelber, piano


Rhys Lloyd Talbot, bass-baritone
Nikolay Verevkin, piano

Love in the 30s
Black Max

Leo Radosavljevic, bass-baritone
Javier Arrebola, piano


Kara Dugan, mezzo-soprano
Peter Walsh, piano

I Feel Good
People Change
Food Song #1
Food Song #2
I Will Never Forgive You
Not Even a Haiku
Maxim #1
Maxim #2
Finale: Mystery of the Song?

Full Company
William Bolcom, piano


Concert Information

The RSMI Program for Singers is honored to welcome the distinguished American composer William Bolcom as its 2017 composer-in-residence. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, National Medal of Arts, and several Grammy Awards, Bolcom was Ross Lee Finney Distinguished University Professor of Composition at the University of Michigan’s School of Music from 1973 through 2008. Our August 14 concert program immerses us in Bolcom’s wide-ranging works for voice and the influences behind them. It begins with a short group of songs by Darius Milhaud, his composition teacher, followed by a selection of Bolcom’s concert songs. The second half of the recital displays the lighter side of Bolcom’s work, starting with a handful of the early 20th-century American popular songs that Bolcom and his wife, mezzo-soprano Joan Morris, have so memorably performed and recorded. The program closes with a generous selection of Bolcom’s frisky theater and cabaret songs. Join us before the concert at 5:30 for a conversation between William Bolcom and dramaturg Cori Ellison.