Ravinia Annual Poster Design Competition 2019

For over 40 years, the Ravinia Women’s Board has sponsored an annual competition to create the design that will become the unique poster used to promote the festival’s upcoming season. The poster design becomes a distinctive signature of the Ravinia season. It should therefore convey the rich experience of enjoying outstanding musical performances in this lush and historic outdoor park.

Winning Poster

The Ravinia Women’s Board congratulates the winner of its annual Ravinia season poster competition, Sean Quinn of Minneapolis, MN. Having requested submissions that convey the experience of listening to music in Ravinia’s beautiful park setting, the Women’s Board was overwhelmingly drawn to Quinn’s design, which he remarked was inspired by a “film with orchestra” evening he attended with his family several summers ago. “I wanted to capture the way the film was brought to life by the live music. Exaggerated trees and lighting give the scene a dramatic feel, while the soft sky and bright moon evoke whimsy and fantasy,” he said. “Ravinia is really a magical place, and I wanted to capture that in my illustration.” Quinn will receive a $1,000 cash prize, and his design will be featured in the promotion of the upcoming 2019 Ravinia season, distributed among hundreds of Chicagoland stores and public spaces, and sold exclusively at The Festival Shop.

Sean Quinn is a 26-year-old graphic designer, illustrator, and self-described “plant nerd” originally from Williams Bay, WI, who was known as “the art kid” in high school. Now working for the Institute on the Environment and Earthmoon Permaculture in Minnesota, he still spends most of his free time drawing, but can also be found gardening, exploring public lands, or taking his Spotify playlists too seriously.


Past Winners

Many of these award-winning posters from past years can be purchased at the Ravinia Festival Shop.