Ravinia's Steans Music Institute

Program for Jazz | June 9—June 16, 2018

Steans Jazz Program About Concerts Faculty and Fellows


Participation in the Program for Jazz is by invitation only. The Program for Jazz focuses on composition and small ensemble improvisation. Although part of the program focuses on performing a well-rehearsed concert, most of the days are spent rehearsing with a variety of individuals, learning how to perform well with changing personnel. All 15 fellows write original music in the program.


The fellows will present the annual RSMI Jazz Grandstand concert of original compositions as the culmination of their week of study. Tickets for the June 15 Jazz Grandstand performance will be available in the spring.


Rufus Reid

Faculty member Rufus Reid works with Jazz fellows.

Billy Childs, Co-Program Director and Composer/Piano
Rufus Reid, Co-Program Director and Composer/Bass
Jimmy Greene, Saxophone
Tim Hagans, Composer/Trumpet

Jalen Baker, vibes
Mason Margut, piano
Theodore Davis, tenor
Eric DuPont, drums
Shawn Fernandez Vilanueva, trumpet
Will Gorman, piano
Sarah Hanahan, alto saxophone
Dishan Harper, bass
Mikailo Kasha, bass
Gabriel Landa, drums
Armir Lee, alto saxophone
Luca Mendoza, piano
Sean Riddle, bass
Matthew Smith, drums
Bryson Wheeler, trombone