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Welcome to RaviniaTV, a variety show webcast on our Youtube channel. Our first season aired during the summer of 2020, and every episode is viewable below. Subscribe to our channel and Please "stay tuned" to this page for news on future episodes and seasons of the series.

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Cathy Richardson

Musical guests make special appearances on Ravinia’s main stage (or other venues closer to home) to share performances with the audiences they just as much wish they could be with in person. Chicago’s Own segments put the spotlight on local music makers, and Ravinia from Home features artists performing from their living rooms.

Chicago radio personalities count down their top five songs related to our reality. Listen to the complete playlist of all the TOPical 5 selections on Spotify.

Zoom in on Highland Park
Get to know the movers and shakers of Ravinia’s hometown.

Reach Teach Play
Instructors and students from Ravinia's RTP music education programs share fun instructional videos!

Best Medicine
We're all facing serious situations, but there's still comedy all around us.

Blast from the Past
Clips from Ravinia’s archives show off memorable moments that fans might have missed.

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Ravinia is a year-round organization with a nonprofit mission that extends beyond the stage. Our park may be dark this summer, but in this year with no ticket revenue, the generous support of our donors gives us the means to maintain our commitment to the students and families our Reach Teach Play music education programs serve, brighten the community, and bring the rejuvenating power of music to so many during this shared crisis. We are excited for the possibilities the future brings to the festival and the people we serve. Light the way with us.

Other Virtual Projects from Ravinia

Reach Teach Play At Home

Even without “normal” classrooms to meet in, our Reach Teach Play music education instructors and students are keeping music alive in their hearts and homes through fun instructional videos! See a sampling below.


RSMI From The Vault

Exclusive recordings of performances from Ravinia's Steans Music Institute. Videos are available from RSMI’s three summer programs, including original charts from unique jazz combos, chamber music featuring piano and strings, and collections of songs from classical to musical theater. See a sampling below.