About Ravinia Festival®

Martin Theatre at Ravinia Festival on a sunny day

Who we are and what we do.

First opened in 1904, Ravinia Festival is the oldest outdoor music festival in the United States.

An award-winning, full-color publication that provides insightful articles by major journalists and information on Ravinia artists and performances.

Ravinia's annual competition to create a poster design that will become the unique poster used to promote the festival’s upcoming season.

While Ravinia’s stages are being prepped, there’s still a performance to behold at the Kohl Kaplan Fountain.

A great organization begins with the people behind it. Learn more about our family and how you can have a place here as well.

Browse our seasonal, part-time and full-time positions. Ravinia is an equal-opportunity employer.

Ravinia is located in a residential neighborhood. Get to know our hometown city of Highland Park.

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