2020 Society Logo header

Ravinia expresses its most sincere gratitude to the 2020 Society members. These donors provide vital operating support for Ravinia’s mission in a year with no ticket revenue.

The names listed here represent donations of $100 or more to Ravinia’s Annual Fund, Reach Teach Play education programs, and Ravinia’s Steans Music Institute.

Corporations and Foundations

Allstate, Lead Reach Teach Play Sponsor

Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation


The Dancing Skies Foundation

Discover, Official Card

The Negaunee Foundation

Oyama Charitable Fund

Ravinia Associates Board

Ravinia Women’s Board

United Airlines, Official Airline


Altair Advisers, LLC

Martin and Mary L. Boyer Foundation

The Buchanan Family Foundation


Fortune Brands Home & Security

Julius N. Frankel Foundation

Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Illinois Arts Council Agency


JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Midtown Athletic Clubs, Official Club

Polk Bros. Foundation

RBC Wealth Management

Anonymous (2)


Baxter International Inc.

Beam Suntory

The Bruning Foundation

Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation

The Chicago Community Foundation

CME Group Community Foundation

Conagra Brands

Crown Family Philanthropies

Evergreen Real Estate Group


Hyundai, Official Vehicle

The Hunter Family Foundation


Latham & Watkins LLP

Mason Foundation, Inc.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Professional Staff of NorthShore University HealthSystem

Perkins Coie LLP

The Sedge and Henry Plitt Charitable Trusts

Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation

Rice-Temple Wealth Management, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

RumChata Foundation

Sidley Austin LLP

Stepan Company

Terlato Wines, Official Wine Sponsor



Modestus Bauer Foundation

Cole-Crone Family Foundation

Alverin M. Cornell Foundation

Larry and Barbara Field and Family

First Bank of Highland Park

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

The Deane A. & John D. Gilliam Foundation

Greenberg Traurig

John R. Halligan Charitable Fund

Harris Family Foundation

Iron Horse Seating

J. Emil Anderson & Son, Inc.

A.D. Johnson Foundation

Learning Resources, Inc.

Malott Family Foundation

Mazza Foundation

Mazzetta Company, LLC

Meltzer, Purtill & Stelle LLC

Mesirow Financial

North Shore Gas


PNC Bank

Shalom Memorial Funeral Home/Shalom Memorial Park

Virginia Lee Shirley Private Foundation

The Trillium Foundation

The Vail Family Foundation

Wells Fargo Advisors

ABI Specifications Consulting

Associated Agencies, Inc.

Azure Consulting

The Bill Bass Foundation

Harbortown Industries, Inc.

Jaffe & Berlin, L.L.C.

Fred Jones Family Foundation

Judy and John Keller


McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Next Chapter Inc.

Northwestern University

Oak Ridge Investments, LLC

Harriette & Ted Perlman/The HAVI Group

Arch W. Shaw Foundation

Bob and Malin Vasa

W.B. Olson, Inc.


Carnot and Luceile Allen Foundation

The Allyn Foundation

Belmonti Family Foundation

George and Minou Colis


Abe and Ida Cooper Foundation

Patrick & Anna M. Cudahy Fund

D’Addario Foundation

Don Family Foundation

Fletcher Family Foundation

Samuel S. and Dorothy R. Haber Foundation

The Irving Harris Foundation

Horwood Marcus & Berk Chartered

Huston Wealth Solutions Raymond James

JensenIT, Inc.

The Krasnow Family

LA-CO Industries, Inc.

Geraldi Norton Foundation

The Podolsky Family Foundation

Henry Pope Foundation

Benjamin J. Rosenthal Foundation

Sahara Enterprises, Inc.

Trek Freight Services, LLC

United Conveyor Foundation

XL Screw Corporation - Frances and Robert Sachs

The Butz Foundation

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Estate of Ernest A. Grunsfeld III

Helen E. Heggie Fund

Nitorum Capital LP

Reynolds Family Foundation

The Wagner Foundation

Favil David Berns and Associates

Saliba Industries, Inc.

Shaw Fishman Glantz & Towbin LLC

Mark Holihan Insurance

The Horner Family Foundation

Susan Klingenstein Fund

Idlewood Electric Supply, Inc.


Howard L. Gottlieb and Barbara G. Greis

Jennifer W. Steans and James P. Kastenholz


Jim and Wendy Abrams

Elizabeth Crown and Bill Wallace

Lyn Goldstein

Holly and John Madigan Family

Paul Uhlenhop


Megan P. and John L. Anderson

Bachmann Family

Henry Berghoef and Leslie Lauer Berghoef

Judy and Merrill Blau

Susan and Don Civgin

Winnie and Bob Crawford

Edwardson Family Foundation

Elaine Frank Fund

The Fremont Foundation

Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation

Betsy and Arthur Holden

Carol and Ed Kaplan / Kaplan Foundation Fund at The Chicago Community Trust

Liz and Eric Lefkofsky

Diane and Jim Levy

Ms. Nancy B. Lewis, in memory of Irving A. Lewis

Bill and Diane Lloyd

Tera and Richard McBlaine

Kenneth and Jodi Meister

Richard and Cynthia Morehead

Mrs. Albert Pawlick

Sue and Tom Pick

Diana and Bruce Rauner

Cari and Michael Sacks

Mr. and Mrs. E. Scott Santi

John Snyder and Mignon Dupepe

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Stone

Pamela B. and Russ M. Strobel

Linda and Craig Umans

Nancy Zadek

Anonymous (5)

Earl Abramson and Sheila Schlaggar

Stuart and Phyllis Applebaum

Jeff and Lisa Aronin

Sarah and Larry Barden

Bernbaum Family Charitable Fund

Mr. Ted Birren and Mr. Dan Hopper

Dr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Bitran

Louis and Julie Bucksbaum

Mrs. Rhett W. Butler

Jane and David Casper

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Castellini

Bobbie and Charlie Denison

Jeanne and Tom Denison

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Deveny

David and Annette Dezelan

Paul Earle and Ellen Rudnick

Mr. and Mrs. Merrick Elfman

The Lisa M. Fisher Fund in Memory of James and Roslyn Marks at The Chicago Community Foundation

Peter and Virginia Foreman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Frank

Michael and Lynn Froy

George and Maureen Gilmore

Sherrie and Craig Glicken

Joyce and Avrum Gray Family Fund

Jack and Donna Greenberg

Kelly and John Grier

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Hadley

Mrs. Richard C. Halpern

Linda and Jeffrey Hammes

Craig J. Lancaster and Charlene T. Handler

Ms. Holly Harralson

Janice and Steve Hefter

Sherry Lea and Richard S. Holson III

Carol and Joel Honigberg Fund

Michele and Troy Ihlanfeldt

Pat and Dan Jorndt

Becky and Lester Knight

Emily and Christopher Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Krebs

David and Susan Kreisman

The Kugler Family

Marilyn and Mark Labkon

Susan and Richard Levy

Amy and Don Lubin

Judy and Tom Lubin

William H. Marks Fund in Memory of James and Roslyn Marks at The Chicago Community Foundation

Andrew and Laurel Marovitz

Paul E. Martin and Patricia Clay Martin

Patty and Mark McGrath

Sheila and Harvey Medvin

Elyce and Mark Metzner

Mrs. A. Gerson Miller, John and Sandy Miller

The Edward and Lucy R. Minor Family Foundation

Jo and Newton Minow

David Moscow

Becky and Mike Murray

Christopher Noon

Ms. Daniela A. O’Leary-Gill

James and Margo Oliff

Oyama Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paleczny

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Paquette

Sanford and Jody Perl

Betsey and Dale Pinkert

Clyde S. McGregor and LeAnn Pedersen Pope

Phyllis and Dennis Propp

The Prussian Family

James Reid-Anderson

Gloria and Dan Reisner

Steve and Mimi Ritchie

Richard H. Robb and Rebecca E. Crown

Roberts Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Rosenthal

Ms. Christine Roth

Helen S. Rubinstein

Louella Sachs, in memory of Michael Sachs

Ron and Ellen Saslow, Linda and Dick Saslow

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schechtman

Judy and David Schiffman

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schwab

Mr. John D. Seder and Mrs. Cheryl R Seder

Bill and Stephanie Sick

Solot and Karp Family Foundation

Stuart Sondheimer and Bonnie Lucas

Avy and Marcie Stein

Steven and Susan Steinmeyer

Mrs. Charles M. Stern

Bobette Takiff

Jamie and Rob Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Thomas

Michael and Marilyn Vender

Myron C. and Carol Warshauer Family Foundation

Lynne and David B. Weinberg

Steven B. Weinstein

Chuck and Mary Westphal

Beth and Michael Wexler

Randy and Lisa White

Suzanne and Robert Wieseneck

Leslie Berger and Paul Williams

Joan Wing and Family, in Memory of Jack Wing

David and Tracy Zirin

Anonymous (5)

Lynn Donaldson and Cameron Avery

Laurie and Grant Bagan

Martha and Tom Biede

Mr. Steve Blonder

Mrs. Dolores Borowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Boyce

Mary and Carl Boyer

Lisa, Darryl, Cheryl, David Bradford

Arlene and Keith Bronstein & Family

Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner Brown

Mrs. Warren M. Choos

Pat Cohn

The Colmar Foundation and Mitchell Sabshon

Mrs. Sandra K. Crown

Tim and Jill Cunniff

Mr. and Mrs. William Dietz, Jr.

Mr. Richard A. Ditton

Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly

Lois and Steve Eisen

R. Scott Falk Family

Robert Felsenthal and Roxanne Hori

Ms. Venita Fields and Mr. Lonnie Hampton

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Finder

Ms. Barbara Finder

Philip Garoon and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Garoon and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Barbara Gately

Mrs. Willard Gidwitz

Margie and Dennis Goldman

Mr. Scott Goodman

Gorter Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Haben

Robert and Juliet Roth Hastings

Mr. Scott Heineman

Barbara Herst

Judy and Jay Heyman

Mrs. Mary P. Hines

Kennedy Family Foundation

Ms. Valerie Kinney

Cookie and Henry Kohn

Mrs. Robert G. Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larsen

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Lefebvre

Susan and Richard Lenny

Mr. Ed Lhee

Laurie Frank Lieberman

Patricia M. Livingston

Russell Lodarek

Marilyn Lustbader

Karen and Stephen Malkin

Roberta and George Mann

David B. and Toni P. Mathis

Mr. Eugene McCluskey

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Miller

J. Clifford Moos

Mary Moreland and Daniel Jenks

Allan and Elaine Muchin

Ms. Ellen Multack and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Niedert

Elizabeth Parkinson

Mary and Robert Pasquesi

John and Laura Podjasek

Mr. John Rau

Cheryl and Steven Rosen

Daniel and Lindy Rosenberg

The Rosenberg-Frazer Familiesv

Linda and Harold Rosenson

Patti and Eugene Ross

Howard and Bev Rossman

Mrs. Joyce Rothschild

In Memory of Florence and Ben Sager, Drs. David and Karen Sager, Ellen Nathan and Dr. Rachel Rubin

Ed and Mary Schreck

Carol and David Schulman

Mrs. Phyllis Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Schweig

Mrs. Gail Sehler

Ms. Meenal Sethna

Richard and Leslie Sevcik

Michael and Susan Sharkey

Ilene & Michael Shaw Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Simms - Simms Family Foundation

Valerie Slotnick

David and Robin Small

Chuck Smith

Stone Capital Group, Inc, Donna & Tom Stone

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Swartchild, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrés T. Tapia

Virginia and Frederick G. Uhlmann

Mr. Louis Weber and Mrs. Linda Weber

Mr. Joseph M. Weil

Lisa and David Weinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Weiss

Jane Woldenberg

Anonymous (11)

Ms. Sally Aaron

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Adler

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Akason

Mona and Andy Albert

Kenneth Anderson

James R. & Lesley B. Anixter Family Foundation

Judith L. Appelbaum

Dr. Michelle Arora

Guy and Nancy Arvia

Ms. Joy L. Bailey

Mr. James Baird and Ms. Dianne Stone

Gregory and Audrey Bartnicki

Howard and Donna Bass

Christina and Scott Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bates, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Beitler

Bruce and Judy Bendoff

Esther and John Benjamin

Jean and John Berghoff

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Bergmann

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berman

Joel and Carole Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. H. Bruce Bernstein

Mr. John Blane

Mr. Craig Bondy

Elaine T. Bovaird

Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Brown

Mr. and Ms. Claude Brown

A.C., John and Katherine Buehler

Roger and Michele Burgis

Robert and Lynn Burt

Judith and James Canel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Canmann

Court and Kirstin Carruthers

Ms. Wendy Alders Cartland

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Case

Ceres Foundation

William and Kathryn Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Christiansen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chudacoff

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clancy

Deborah and Michael Cogan

Jules and Leslie Cogan

Susan Cohn and Jonathan Klein

Tom and Connie Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Tim) D. Coleman, Jr.

Ms. Victoria Coleman

Vincent and Margie Conroy

Catherine Cooper and Marshall Greenwald

Mr. and Dr. Carey Cooper

Mani and Jen Cordova

Kathryn Corley

Ms. Melissa Corley

Judy Cottle

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey B. Crawford

Cretors Family

Jacqueline and Donnie Dann

Merri Davis

Mr. Barnabus Davis

Ms. Laurie Dearlove

Estate of John E. Deimel

Elissa and Andrew Delman

Julie Deutsch

Mr. and Mrs. James W. DeYoung

Lyn Dickey

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dietz

Matt and Lolly Dominski

Domont Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. James Doppke

Kathy and Bill Doyle

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Dreebin

Linda and Chuck Dresner

Howard and Ursula Dubin Foundation

Sharon and Larry Dubin

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Elbin

Susan and Jesse Elliott

Deane Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Emanuel

Jane and Jim Esser

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ettelson

Ms. Linda Falotico

Terry M. and Annette K. Faulk

Jordan Feiger and Margalit Tocher

Ms. Sharon Feigon and Mr. Steven Bialer

Mr. Clifton L. Fenton and Mrs. Judy Wallis Fenton Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation

Maury and Nancy Fertig

Belle and Donald Finfer

Ed and Mimi Fiorentino

Carol and Richard Fleisher

Erin and Justin Foley

Christy and Craig Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fox

Mr. Paul T. Fox

Dr. Jennifer Friedman and Mr. Andrew Friedman

Sharyl and Bob Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. John Fromstein

Ms. Laura Gabel

Wilbur and Linda Gantz

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Garard III

Mr. Bert Getz, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gilbert

Gilford Atkins Families Foundation

Ms. Andrea Glass

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser

Mina Leon and Thomas Gleason

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Golan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gold

Joan J. Golder

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Goldman

Marsha and Michael Goldstein

Mr. Mark Goode

Gillian and Ellis Goodman Foundation

The Marvin and Elaine Gottlieb Family Foundation

Andrew and Marla Gottschalk

Bob and Amy Greenebaum

Lilli and James Greenebaum

Ms. Melinda Grossman

Joseph and Sheila Gutman Family

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hamlin

Drs. Lucy and K.W. Hammerberg

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Handelsman

Ms. Sheila Handwerker

Barbara and Jim Hanig

John and Gwen Harris

Mr. and Mrs. David Harris

Dean Harrison

Mrs. John M. Hartigan

Wm. P. Hauworth II

Holly Hayes and Carl W. Stern

Christie Hefner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heinrich

Victoria Heinze

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Held, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Heller

Todd and Karlyn Henry

Kimberlee Herold

Marjorie Friedman Heyman and Glenn R. Heyman

Mr. Joel Hirsch

Robert and Norma Hoaglund Charitable Fund

Sue and Larry Hochberg

Debbie and Gary Holzman

Kevin Hoppenrath

Vicki and Thomas Horwich

Brad and Monique Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hunter IV

Mr. Willard M. Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Hussey

Mr. Scott Imhoff

Dr. and Mrs. David Ingall

Mr. Hector Izaguirre

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Jacobs

In loving memory of Gail F. Jacobson

Ms. Kathryn D. Ingraham and Mr. James Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. James

Jastromb Family Philanthropic Fund

Joyce and M.J. Jiaras

Rita Kanne, in loving memory of Jeffrey Kanne

Sumeet Kanwar

Ron and Julie Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Karger

Harriet Karmin

Mrs. Byron C. Karzas

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Kass

Alvin and Elizabeth Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Katz

Beth and Mark Kaufmann

The Dann, Kay, and Schneider Families

Scott Feder and Dell Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Kidder

Heidi Kiesler

Helen H. Kimura Charitable Trust

Klaff Family Foundation

Annette R. Kleinman

James and Carol Klenk

Ms. Mellody Klong

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Konen

Mrs. Frederick H. Kortlander

Jim and Debbie Koziarz

Nancy and Rick Kreiter

Mr. and Mrs. David Kupiec

Caryl L. Kushner

Eli Lane Family

Caryl and Burt Lasko

Mr. and Mrs. Toby Lees

Mr. M. J. Leider

Michael A. Leppen, in Memory of Miriam U. Hoover

Mrs. Nancy R. Levi

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Levin

Charles Ashby Lewis and Penny Bender Sebring

Mr. Michael Lippitz and Mrs. Susan Wagner

Jane and Richard Lipton

Ken Litchfield

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Loeb

Ms. Sarah Lohr

Ms. Martha Lumbreras

Robert and Sandra Lund

Vito and Linda Manone

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mariani

Debbie and Joe Marks

Mr. Herbert Marros

Adele and Roland Martel

Sharon and Eden Martin

Mr. Robert May

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mazza

Mr. and Mrs. John W. McCarter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. McClung

The RA & SJ Jones Foundation

George and Alice McKann

Betty and Will McLean

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mergener

Randi and Russel Miron

Mrs. Carol Mitchel

Kitty and Bill Moeller

Dr. Toni-Marie Montgomery

Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation

Leslie and Art Muir

Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy

Richard James Murphy

Barbara B. Murray

Myrna and Herbert Natkin

Davida and Rick Nelson

Jon and Kathy Newcomb

Eric and Jenny Newman

Gordon and Toby Newman

Gregg and Jodi Newmark

Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Newton, Jr.

Mr. Harold Nidetz and Ms. JoAnn Klak

Ms. Martha C. Nussbaum

Eli and Hella Okman

Mrs. Sheila Olshansky

Roberta Olshansky

Thomas O’Neill

Stacy and Scott Overby

Pattis Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pell

Mrs. Donald S. Perkins

The Perlmans

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Petersen

Ron and Loretta Peterson

Lorna and Ellard Pfaelzer, Jr.

Meline Pickus

Madeleine P. and Harvey R. Plonsker

J. Kevin and Jeanne Poorman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pope

Catherine and Gregory Popp

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Port

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Prystowsky

Julie and Keith Radner

John and Diane Reid

Andrea and Thomas Rein

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rhoades

Mr. Glenn Riese and Ms. Gretchen Horlacher-Riese

Mr. and Mrs. Ned S. Robertson

Mr. Randy Rochman

Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Rock

James L. Rosenberg

Ann Rosenblum

Lisa and Jeff Rosenkranz

Judy and Warner Rosenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Al Roth

Jonathan and Peggy Rubenstein

Audrey C. Rubinstein Buntman

Mark and Karen Rurka

Howard and Raina Ruskin Family Foundation

Julie and Kenneth Sacks

The Sanborn Family Foundation

Mrs. Gail Schaffner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schlosberg

Ms. Rosita Schloss

Mrs. John I. Schlossman

Mr. F. Eugene Schmitt

Susan and Roger Schmitt

Mrs. Carol W. Schroeder

Mark Schulte and Mary Holcomb

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz

Susan and Donald Schwartz

Diane and Bud Schwarzbach

Scott Schweinfurth and Margie English

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Sebulsky

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Serck

Drs. Alan and Susan Shapiro

Valerie and Lee Shapiro

Karen and Hal Sider

Mrs. Culleen Siebert

Suzanne T. Smart

The Soderstrom Family

Marney and Bill Solomon

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Solow

Mr. Ronald Sonenthal and Dr. Kathy Sonenthal


Susan and David Spears

Ms. Heidi Spizman

Ms. Sue Stark

Heather Steans and Leo Smith

Quinn Stepan

Ms. Frances Stephens

Dorie Sternberg

Mrs. Margaret Stewart

Stillman Family Foundation

Jim Stone

Richard and Judi Stone

Jane and Michael Strauss

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Strusiner

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton A. Struve

Robin and Sandy Stuart

Merle and Jim Styer

Suits 20/20

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Surdyk

Sandra and Mira Sweet

Linda and Alan Swimmer

Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Swoiskin

Greg and Anne Taubeneck

Ms. Lynne Tauman

Frank ten Brink and Jeannine Cleary

Claire Thom

Frederick and Elizabeth Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Tobon

Byron and Tina Trott

Mrs. Robert C. Trotter

Mr. and Mrs. Hiroshi Uchida

Mrs. Catherine Villinski

Mrs. Sally H. Volkert-Bissell

Sue E. Wallace

The Ware-Robbins Memorial Fund

David Wasserman, M.D. in memory of Abby S. Magdovitz-Wasserman

Sally and John Weber

Richard and Diane Weinberg

Albert and Sherrie Weiss

Dr. David and Maggie Weiss

Ms. Paula Weissman

Susan and Richard Wellek

Mr. and Mrs. William J. White

Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Wilkow

Sallyan Windt

The Winick Family

Jan and Jerry Wolf, in memory of Allan Harris and in honor of Beaty Harris

Mrs. Ann S Wolff

Kathleen and Tom Wright

Jon and Lisa Zirin

Ms. Alison N. Zirn and Mr. Scott Greenberg

Sheri and Sherwin Zuckerman

Anonymous (6)

Mr. Scott A. Abramson

Mary J. Abroe

Mr. Anthony Achilles

Brent Bauer, Mary La Loggia, and Allied Air Conditioning and Heating

Daniel and Michele Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Belgrad

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bible

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Block

Steven and Phyllis Brody

Sheila and David Cahnman

Ms. Karen Chapin

Chris and Kim Collins

Lorrie and Jeffrey Daube

Ms. Jill Deutsch

Mr. James Duca and Mrs. Christine Duca

Ms. Lisa Duwe

Kelly and Jim Epstein

Thomas R. Erickson

Mr. Thomas A. Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Feltzin

The Footprints Foundation

M.J. Foreman-Daitch and Katie Foreman-Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fuller III

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gamson

Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Garber

Larry A. Gerber

Cynthia and Norm Goldring

Mr. David A. Handler

Mr. Brian Hart and Ms. Lora-Lee Hall

Barbara Hebda

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Jacobs

Jory and Jill Katlin

Welz Kauffman and Jon Teeuwissen

Dennis and Barbara Kessler

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Klein

Douglas and Joanne Knox

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Koulogeorge

Susan and Manny Kramer

Dan and Janet Ladurini

Betsy and Scott Lassar

The LaVanway Family

Lew and Laurie Leibowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Karl G. Leinberger

Arthur and Cathe Lewis

Ms. Carolyn Lickerman

Mr. Michael Lipsitz

Seymour Lipton

Dr. Mimi Lutwak

Betsey and Steve Madden

Russ and Anne Mayerfeld

Mr. Thomas McNulty

Dave and Emily Merjan

Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Miller, In loving memory of Joan Rusnak Weinberg

Ed and Gayla Nieminen

Franklin Nitikman and Adrienne Drell

Mr. Richard S. Nopar

Ms. Patricia A. O’Donnell

Ms. Irene Oliver

David and Barbara Pinzur

Robin and Jonathan Plotkin

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Polen

Carol G. Pollock

The Port, Washlow and Errant Families

Mr. Joseph M. Rafson and Ms. Cynthia R Plouche

Sue and Wally Roberts

The Ross and Kurland Families

Ms. Jill Rowe

Susan B. Rubnitz

Ed and Diana Ruthman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Sackheim

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Safran

Dr. and Mrs. David Sarne

Tom and Judy Schnecke

Mary Schreibstein and Michael Fox

Gail and Steve Seidman

Mr. and Mrs. David Shaw

Michael Sheinkop

Mrs. Eugene F. Sikorovsky

Margaret and Alan Silberman

Kit and Bob Simon

Ingrid and William Stafford

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stepan

Barbara and Joel Stone

Ms. Samara Strycker

Ms. Sheryl A. Summers

Ms. Carla M. Thorpe

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Vallorano

Mr. and Mrs. Andy J. Warzecha, Sr.

Mrs. Florence F. Wheeler and Mr. Henry P. Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Winton

Marianne Wood and John Parkinson

Anita M. Wu

Anonymous (8)

Mrs. Gladys Abarca-Lopez

Mr. Frank Aiello

Jonathan Appelbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Baer

Mr. Merrill Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Barretta

Ms. Kirsten Baseley

Ms. Elaine Baumann

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Beihoffer

Martha and Al Belmonte

Dr. Lynne C Belsky

Mr. David Bendoff

Ms. Gwendolyn J. Bennett

Sue and Chuck Bergen

Benjamin P. Beringer

Richard and Genie Bindler

Debora and Steven Boetcher

Marcia Bogolub and Phil Kaplan

Debra and Jeff Brody

Andrew and Gail Brown

Nikki and David Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Nick J. Brown

Daniel and Debra Brownstone

Mary Ellen Bull

Mr. Jim Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Byron

Neal Campbell

Dr. William E. Cape

Ms. Natale Caputo

Ms. Laura Carlson

Leslie and John Carothers

Mr. Chad Carroll

Randy Casey

Linda and David Center

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Center

Mr. Mark Choi

Robert Clark

Mr. Ron Colby

Ann Sherby Cole

Annette Cole

Mr. Joseph Coletta

Mr. Paul Cox

Gayla W. Cox

Chandra and Kyle Cramer

Mr. Derrick Crane and Mrs. Lori Meier-Crane

Tom Creigh

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Davis

Tom and Mary Jane Dee

Mike Dienhart

Mr. and Mrs. David DiVita

Tom DuBois

Anita M. Sarafa and John PC Duncan

Laura and Dean Egerter

Mike and Dee Farrell

Susan Nicholas Fasciano

Ms. Janet Fiorenzo

Mr. James Fondriest

Betsy and Michael Friduss

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Gaines

Carmen Gaito

Ms. Denise M. Gamble

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Gelber

Linda and Gary Gerstman

Mr. Robert Giblichman

Mr. and Mrs. James Ginsburg

David Glasner

Judith Gleason

Fred Godek

David and Carol Golder

Mr. Daniel Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Grahn

Simon and Alessandra Grant

George A. Griffith

Ms. Madeline R. Gullett

Mr. Mark Guon

Mr. Paul Halverson

Sarah R. Wolff and Joel L. Handelman

Ms. Barbara Harpold

Paula and David Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Harris

Ann Marie and Ronald Hebda

Ms. Sylvia Herlihy

Mair and Rich Hill

Bruce Wangman Hirsch

Ms. Marilyn Hirsch and Mr. Gary Gordon

Mr. Joel Hodes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hoffman

Mrs. and Mr. Karen Holway

Ms. Kathryn Rose Irey

Ms. Judi Israel-Rosen

Mrs. Kristin Izenstark

Patrick and Joni Johnson

Mr. Glen Kabumoto

Mrs. Susan F. Kahn

Julie and David Kalainov

Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Kanter

Stephen A. Kaplan

Elizabeth and Peter Karabatsos

Ms. Lynn Kaveney

Mr. and Mrs. Granger F. Kenly, Jr.

Judy and Mort Kessel

Robert and Margaret W. Kimble

Mr. Ryan Kin

William Kirchmeyer and Dorothy Martin

Mr. Tom Klonecki

Mrs. Russell V. Kohr

Ms. Gera-Lind Kolarik

Pat and Mike Koldyke

Robin Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kritt

Ms. Anita Kuhn

Ms. Emily Kuhn

Mr. Allen Kurfman

Frank and Barbara La Fasto

Mr. Harold Lachel Jr.

Kenneth and Carole Latimer

Joseph Laubenthal

Mr. James E. Lee

Edward and Mindy Leshin

Mr. and Mrs. Gary I. Levenstein

Mr. Gilbert Levy and Ms. Marliss Levin

Dr. Eva F. Lichtenberg and Dr. Arnold Tobin

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lieberman

Howard and Nancy London

Ms. Marie Lorden

Mardie MacKimm

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mann

Ms. Maria Louisa Maranon

Jacqueline and Harvey Marcus

Mr. David A. Marcus

Mr. Chris Marder

Ms. Nancy Marder

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mason

Ms. Jessica Masuga

Ms. Mirna McAuliffe

Judy and Scott McCue

Dr. Timothy McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan McKenzie

Marvin and Shivani Mendez

Tom and Patti Meyers, Jr.

Mr. Stephen Mickel

Daniel and Susan Milanak

Dr. Bud and Joan Mopper

Ms. Nancy Newberger

Kathleen Nixon

Mrs. Vinnie Nogal

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Nommensen

Amy and Richard Noren

Mr. Ron Norinsky

Nancy and Kent Novit

Mary and Dennis O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Oguss

Dudley and Ann Onderdonk

Elliott and Jane Otis

Mr. Anthony Paihr

Mr. Bancroft Park

Louis and Ali Paster

Cindy and Jeff Pattee

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pavlovic

Alice Peterson and Paul Munk

Robyn Petit

Mrs. Daniel M. Pierce

Mr. Barry Pomerantz

Ms. Patricia Prince

Ms. Nicole Putzel

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Reich

Ms. Ann Reilly

Mr. Robert Remer

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Resnick

Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Donna Rice

Ms. Marilyn Rierden

Ken Robertson

Kathy and David Robin

Ms. Stephanie Rogers

Dr. Fred Romano

Babette Rosenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ross

Mark and Kim Rust

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Salins

Marlene and Bruce Saltzberg

Ms. Joanne Sarasin

Mr. Peter Saravis

Mrs. Cynthia M. Sargent

Steve, Ruth, Spencer, and Andrew Schaumberger

William Schorsch

The John & Kathleen Schreiber Foundation

Dr. Jaye Schreier

David and Jennifer Schultz

Deborah and Laurence Segil

Mr. Steven Sesterhenn

Ms. Leslie Shapiro

Dr. Alan and Deirdre Shear

Bill and Mary Shepherd

David and Susan Sherman

David and Jan Sholem

Nancy Silberman

Ms. Lisa Silverman

Ms. Ilene Simmons

Ms. Linda Simon

Sidney Smith

The Smoot Family Foundation

Carl and Jennifer Soderstrom

Mr. Richard Sorg

Mr. Stephen Spencer

Carl and Donna Stapleton

Melissa Stasio

Walter Stearns

Ellen and Michael Steinberg

Steven and Barbara Stone

Julie and Bob Stracks

Mr. Glen Suerte

Mr. and Mrs. Byoung I. Suh

Mr. David Sullivan

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Sultan

Mr. Michael J. Swedish

Ms. Renee Thaler

Ms. Jo Ann Theriault-Fazio

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thompson

Rev. Richard L. Tolliver, Ph.D., D.D.

Ms. Liz Trager-Mendel

Mr. Raymond Volk

Matthew W. Walch

Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Graciela Wallach

Ms. Randie Walton

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wangerin

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wayland

Scott and Deborah Weil

Mr. John Weiss

Larry and Marcy Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wertheimer

Reseda Westbrook

Ms. Evette Williams

Ms. Ann Witek

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Woldenberg

Micky Wright, CPA, CFP, CLU, ChFC

Mr. David Yacker

Mr. Gary Yarkony and Ms. Kirsten Kohlmeyer

Linda and Owen Youngman

Robert W. Zeller

Mr. Andy Zimmerman

Mel Ziska

Anonymous (9)

Mrs. Karyn Abrams

Joseph Adams

Mr. Stuart L. Aizenberg and Ms. Sandra Simon

Marla and Charles Alexander

Ms. Andrea Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alilovich

Loren Alter

Ms. Joanne Brooks Alter

Ronald and Barbara Altman

Mr. Don Anderson

Ms. Marilyn Andriesen

Ms. Frieda Ankin

Dr. and Mrs. Ken Arbetter

Ms. Michele Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Graham Atkinson

Mr. Steven Augustyn

Richard and Janice Bail

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey

Donna Baiocchi Kaiser

Susan and Steve Baird

Ms. Nathalie Banfield

Ted and Cheryl Banks

Piper Baracani

Beth Barger

Ms. Maxine Barton

Mr. Dan Bednyak

Mr. Jeffrey Bennett

Catherine and Carl Bergetz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Berman

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Biller

Mr. Cory Binstock

Mr. Jeffrey Bleiweis

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Blumberg

Amy and Chris Boehm

Ms. Amy Bogac

Ms. Martha Boling- Risser

Emily and Jim Borovsky

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Boyd

Corrine Boyle

Mr. Kevin Brannick

Ms. Sharon Braun

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brehmer

Mr. Philip Brilliant

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Broccolo

Cynthia R. Broten

Ms. Carol Brown

Ms. Carolyn Brown

Richard and Andrea Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Bruksch

Ms. Catherine Burnham

Timothy Burroughs and Barbara Smith

Brian Busche

Ms. Michelle A. Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Byron

Mark and Barbara Cabin

Mr. Jim Calaway and Mrs. Marcy Calaway

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Callahan

Mr. Dave Calzaretta

Mr. Bruce Campbell

Mr. Edward Case

Mr. Dustin Cawthon

Mr. James Cesak

Mr. and Ms. Richard Chappe

Mr. Richard K. Charlton

Ms. Linda Cheng

Mr. Anthony Ciganek

Mr. Warren Cinnick

Ms. Mary Cluver

Mr. Lawrence Coco

Jane B. Colman

Ms. Lucy Colman

Lorraine and Daniel Compton

Mrs. Barbara H. Coy

Lawrence and Andrea Crain

Mr. Thomas J. Creagh, Jr.

Dennis Culloton

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dalessandro

Mr. Keith Daubenspeck and Ms. Cheryl Istvan

Mary Davenport

Mr. Andrew David

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Davidson

Ms. Jane DeBaun

Ms. Sandra DeCicco

Donald DeDonato

Mr. Jim Derleth

Mr. Thomas P. Desmond

Angela Dickerson

Ms. Toietta Dixon

Mr. David Dordek

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Dorfman

Sally and Bruce Dornfeld

Pat and Donna Dowdle

Ms. Deborah Dubow

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Ebenhoeh

Bonnie and Tom Edwalds

Mr. Kenneth Edwards

Ms. Linda A. Ekenberg

Jen and Larry Elbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Ellis

Ildiko Elmore

Mr. Thomas Engelhard

Bill and Dawn Engelking

Ms. Christine Erickson

Ms. Dawn Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Falkof

Mr. Devan Farren

Mr. Robert Fash

Ms. Randi Feiger

Betsy and James Feld

Mr. Rob Feldgreber

Ms. Ellen Feldman

Mr. James Felke

Ms. Susan Ferdon

Ms. Krista Fiedler

Shari and Jim Field

Mr. William Fiely

Wendy and Joe Filip

Ms. Nan Fine

Ms. Mary Anne Flanagan

Ms. Anita D. Flournoy

Marilyn and Bill Floyd

Lisa and John Folkers

Ms. Maria Ford

Andrea Forney

Ms. Patricia Fosmoe

Wende Fox

Dr. Charles E. Frank and Mrs. Karen Peters

Mr. Paul Frank

Mr. Michael Franke

Lauren Freeman

Mr. John Freund

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Frezados

Brian Frisch

Mr. and Mrs. J. Gabrielides

Bonnie Garrett

Denise Gifford

Ray and Susan Gillette

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Glazer

Mr. Steven Goers

Mr. Barry Gold

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Goldberg

Mr. Wayne Goldman

Ms. Laura Goodman

Nancy Gooze

Mr. Robert Gordon

Ms. Justine Gottshall

Mr. Ted Gouwens

Mr. Jonathan Graham

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Gray

Ms. Phyllis Gray

Gary and Susie Greenberg

Mr. Jeffrey Greve

Gary Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Grumhaus

Mr. Dan Guss

Samit Halvadia

John Hamlyn

Ms. Julia Hanson

Mr. Daniel Hastings

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hawley

Amy Heifitz

Dorothy Hemming

Ms. Laura Henricks

Jennifer and Bryant Henry

Mr. Dan Herdeman

Mr. Rick Hernandez

Ms. Ann Herring

Mr. Rick Hiton

Ms. Kathleen Hock

Ms. Cynthia Holas

Ms. Jill Holden- Goon and Mr. Daniel Goon

Mr. John Hoos

Ms. Deniece Hopkins

Mr. Dennis Hoppe

Dr. Annming Hsieh

Mr. Larry Huber

Mr. John Ingram

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Jacobson

Ms. Laura Janus

Mr. Jay Jarvie

Mary Kay and Ken Johnson

Mr. James Johnson

JS Charitable Trust

Mr. Walter T. Jurek

Mr. Mark Juster

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Kafenshtok

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell P. Kahn

Rachel and Steve Kaiser

Ms. Mindy Kalchman

Darren and Terri Karst

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Katz

Mr. Howard Katz

Mr. Lawrence G. Kaufman

Ms. Coleen Kealey

Mr. Ranndy Kellogg

Mrs. George Kelm

Ms. Theresa Kerin

Mr. Michael Kernan

Mr. Kyle Kiefer

Ms. Gwen Kindelin

Mr. Douglas King

Mr. Joseph Kiriaki

Mr. Thomas Kiriakos

Mr. Mark Kirshner

Mr. Kenton Klaus

Mr. Tim Klein

Mr. Michael Knippen and Dr. Anne Nagle

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kogan

Mr. Randolph Kohler

Ms. Linda Kolber

Shoshana and Moshe Konstantin

James and Nicole Korczak

Ms. Elizabeth Kowats

Mr. Kenneth Kramer

Tom Krempley

Ms. Janice Krinsky

Ms. Rita Kristy

Mr. Mike Kuhl

The Kunreuther Family

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kupperman

Ms. Michele Kupsco

Ms. Maureen Kurcz

Ms. Marla Kushner

Mr. Rafael Labrador

Joseph and Helene Lachman

Ms. Loren Lapidus

Ms. Allison Lascelle

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lasky

Jill and Steven Lauer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lauesen

Mr. Todd Layfer

Ms. Beth Leeds and Mr. Steve Leeds

Mr. John Lenhard

Mrs. Elaine Lev

Mr. Rich Levin

Mr. James Levine

Mr. Richard Levitz

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Levy

Mr. Douglas Lieberman

Mr. Frank Lieberman

Mrs. Sidney H. Lieberstein

Larry Litle

Jerome and Jan Loew

Mr. Ken Lorant

Hanna and Don Lord

Ms. Lois A. Lourie

Ms. Debora Ludolph

Mr. Andrew Lustig

Mr. Jack Macholl and Ms. Mary E. Rooney

Ms. Susan Mackesey

Todd Macumber

Mr. Keith Mahnken

Mr. Chad Maluske

Jordan Mandel

Mr. Richard Margaritondo

Ms. Kim Marggraf

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Marshbanks

Becca Martin

Julia Martin

Patrick Martin

Mr. Kevin Marzano

The Masnato Family

Ms. Susan Massatt

Mr. Barry May

Mrs. Nancy Maze

Ms. Catherine A. McCord

Mr. and Mrs. William J. McCune

Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael McEntee

Ms. Kristina McIntyre and Mr. Christopher Dominguez

Ms. Mary Ann McNamara

Mr. Scott McReynolds

Erica Merritt

Ms. Susan Messer

Mr. Thomas Migala

Kathy Mikells & Ed Harney

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Millard

Thomas and Cheryl Miller

Ms. Nell Minow and Mr. David Apatoff

Mrs. Mary Miotti

Mr. John Mitoraj

Ms. Laura Moninski

Anne and Mead Montgomery

Jim and Diane Moore

Joan F. and Michael F. Moriarty Foundation

Mr. Andrew Morreale

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Neild

Ms. Sheila Newman

Matthew Noble

Mrs. Barbara M. Noeth

William D. Norwood

Stan and Sharon Noskin

Julia Nowicki

Tina M. Odum-Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. O’Keefe

Brad and Susan Oltmanns

Bridget Oneill

Ms. Sandy Orlandino

Sandra L. Osborn

Mr. William R. Padnos and Margery Kaye

Ms. Jody Paine

Bob and Marcia Paley

Ms. Peggy Papaioannou

Deke Pappas

Chuck Parsons

Mrs. Claudia Patino

Ms. Martha T. Peck

Mr. Michael Pelletier

Cathy and Jim Pelts

Mr. and Mrs. Mac Penman

Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Melanie Peterson

Mr. Patrick Phillips

Cynthia and James Pinkerton

Michael Pizzuto

Stefanie and Steven Pohl

Martha and Don Pollak

Mr. William Pollard

Mr. Richard Price

Mr. Dale Pritkin

Chandler Rappaport

Patricia A. Rasmussen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redmond

Mr. and Mrs. David Reich

Mr. Graham Reid

Rick and Josi Rein

Reliance Orthodontic Products

Ms. Joy Renk

Mr. Steve Rhodes

Ms. Sherri Richardson

Renee J. Richart

Ms. Anita Ridge

Ms. Elise Rinaldi

Ms. Lisa Roberts

Mr. Jared Robins

Mr. John Ropski

Mr. James S. Rosenbaum

Brian Rosenson

Ms. Margaret M. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Ruder

Mr. Ryan Ruskin

Kay and Jim Russell

Mr. Marcus Salone

Alison Salzman

Mr. Stephen Sanders

Ms. Rebecca Santi

Broucka Sarnoff

Bob and Janice Scarpelli

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Scarpelli

Mr. Rick Schefter

Ms. Carol Schiller

Ms. Leslie D. Schlesinger

Ms. Sherri Schneider

Edna L. and Michael H. Schrank and Family

Mr. Reese Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. Ira J. Schulman

Mr. Jonathon Schuster

Mr. Paul Schuster

Julie Schwager

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schwartz

Mr. Craig Schwartz

Mr. Russ Schwerin

Mr. Geoff Scott

Ms. Phyllis W. Shafron

Rajesh Sharma

Mr. Robert Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sheahen

Dr. Kirk Shepard and Mrs. Nadine Shepard

Mr. Jim Sherman

Ms. Bonnie Shifrin

Ms. Virginia Shropshire

Ms. Laura Shulman

Dr. Gabriel Sim

Ms. Sharon Simone

Mr. Kevin T. Singpiel

Ms. Regina Sirk

Mr. and Mrs. Allan T. Slagel

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sledz

Mr. Rodney C. Slutzky

Mr. Kevin Smith

Ms. Lisa Smith

Sandy Smith

Ms. Mary Southard

Peter and Charlotte Sparrow

John Spence

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spencer

Mr. Andrew Sprogis

Mr. Glenn Spungen

Ms. Kate Starshak

Dr. James Stelter

Mr. Michael Stiegel and Mrs. Marsha Stiegel

Mr. George Stone

Ms. Veronica Stonis

Ms. Abby Strauss

Ms. Lynda Streich

Ms. Rachel Strick

Ms. Sue Suchy

Ms. Irene Sudac

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Suerth

Ms. Kartika Sujdak

Mr. and Mrs. Riccardo Superina

Ms. Rebecca Swanson

Mrs. Sally V. Sylvan

Nick Teel

Roberta and Harvey Teitelbaum

Mr. and Mrs. William Terman

Mr. Johnr Thompson

Robert L. Thompson

David C. and Shawn J. Tiemeier

Mr. Martin Tish

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Toledo

Mr. Christopher Tompkins

Mr. James Toniolo

Ms. Laura Topel

Mrs. Linda Torp

Mrs. Maribel Torres

Ms. Janet Travaglio

Mr. Jim Trompeter

Ms. Kelly Turner

Mr. Neil Udovich

Ms. Janice Unrath

Ms. Ellen Upton

Jeff Usow

Mr. John Vancrey

Ms. Shannon VanTassel

Ms. Diane P. Verratti

Ms. Kimberly Voigt

Brad and Nancy Waggoner

Beth Ann and Anthony R. Waite

Dr. George Walker

Greg Walters and Family

Mr. James Walters

Ms. Bernadette M. Walther

Mr. Tom Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Warner

Mrs. Irvina Warren

Ms. Debra Warweg

Mr. David Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Weidner

Loren and Diane Weil

Jody and Dean Weinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Arvin Weindruch

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Welnhofer

Mr. William White

Dr. Jack M. Whitney

Mr. Elijah Wilde

Dr. Judy Wilen and Mr. Steve Schloss

Mr. William C. Wilkinson

Ms. Karen S. Wilson

Benjamin Wineman

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Winship

Mr. and Mrs. Tom D. Wippman

Mr. Charles Wodrich

Mrs. Sarah Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Worth

William and Nancy Yurek

Mr. David Zadikoff

Sally Zarling

Mr. James and Dr. Janice Zeller

In Memory of Harry Zemel

Mr. Eric Zickgraf

Mr. Donald Zimelis

Mr. Ronald Zoromski

Ms. Diane Zychowski

Anonymous (7)

Mr. Leonard C. Achtenberg and Mr. Steven A. Livesey

Jon Acker

Mr. Michael Aitken and Ms. Angela Lane

Mr. Geoffrey Alberti

Ms. Corinne Albrecht

Mr. Tim Alho

Teodoro Alonso

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Altman

Mr. Michael Alzamora

Mr. Craig Ameel

Mr. John Amelse

Mr. Robert Amoruso

Bruce Anderson

Ms. Kyra Andrews

Mr. Curt Annis

Ms. Ilze Antons

Deanne Appleton

Mr. Kevin Apter

Edward Arana

Archer & Bowen

Ms. Patricia Arends

Mr. Dave Arnold

Ms. Anne Arora

Mr. Alan Arsinow

Ms. and Mr. Carol R. Atkin

Ms. Leanne Atwell

Ms. Jennifer Axelsen

Ms. Bonnie H. Bader

Mr. Scott Bailey

Mr. Kirk Ball

Ms. Judith Ball

Ms. Melissa Barber

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Barci

Carol Barnett

Keith Bartelmey

Ms. Patricia Barten

Ms. Barbara Barut

Ms. Michele Bates

Mr. Douglas Batesky and Ms. Maura Kennedy

Ms. Cathy Bayer

Ms. Julie Beal

Mr. Adam Becker

Mrs. Mitzi Beebe

Mr. Victor Benoit

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Benson

Cathleen Berglund

Leonard and Phyllis Berlin

Mr. Adam Berman

Mr. Larry Bernstein

Robert and Joanne Bernstein

Mr. Robert Berry

Ms. Karen Bilek

Ms. Christine Biljetina

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bilstad

Mr. Paul Birger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Block

Mr. Randy Block

Ms. Jennifer Boardman

Daniel Boarini

Mrs. Denice Bocek and Mr. David Lobocki

Emerson and Ellen Bodell

Susan and John Boehme

Barbara Boigegrain

Mr. Jeff Boike

Ms. Rebecca Boisse

Mrs. Susan Boles

Ms. Hilary Bouchard

Dr. Sara Bourque

Ms. Carol Boyke and Mr. Ronald Wlezien

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brandfonbrener

Alex Bravy

Mr. Matt Brecht

Ron and Suzanne Breitstein

Mr. Richard Brennan

Jami Bronson

Mr. Kevin Brown

Mr. Mitchell Brown

Ms. Susan Brown

Ms. Shirley Brown-Berchou

Debbie Bruck

Mr. Thomas Bruckner

Ms. Diane Bryant

Mrs. Pam Buckley

Ms. Lynette Buitt

Ms. Julie Buranosky

Mr. David Burden

Mr. Dennis Burke

Mr. Matthew Burnham and Sheilah Burnham

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Burrell

Mr. Jeff Busse

In Memory of Kenneth and Mildred F. Cahn by their son Joel M. Cahn

Ms. Jenny Calcara

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Canchester

Ms. Pam Capecci

Mr. Larry Caponigri

Louanne Carabini

Ms. Barbara Carley

Mr. Donald R. Carlson

Mr. Susan Carlson

James Carroll

Ms. Wendy Carter

Ms. Laurel Casale

Mr. Scott Castillo

Ms. Marcia Caulkins

Ms. Julie Chamberlin

Ms. Nancy Chausow Shafer

Ms. Susan Chelini

Susan Cherry

Ms. Dana Chesler

Ms. Kimberle F. Christian

Mr. J. Salvatore L. Cianciolo

Mr. and Mrs. John Cimba

Lorraine and Barry Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Clark

Mr. Robert Clewlow

Mr. Robert Coad

Marilyn and Lawrence Cohen

Mr. Gary Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Jim D. Coleman

Mr. Michael Coleman

Mr. Ray Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Condren

Ms. Erica Conlon

Mr. Michael Connolly

Mr. Craig Coogan

Timothy Cosgrove

Ms. Jan Costenbader

Mr. and Mrs. David Coughenour

Ms. Ludmilla Ross-Coven

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Coyle

Mr. Danny Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Crews

Ms. Evelyn Crews

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Crittenden

Mrs. Annabel Cruz

CS&R Trust

Mr. Joseph R Curcio

Ms. Kirsten M. Curley

Susan Cutler

Ms. Traci Czarny

The Daday Family

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dahl

Charles Dahlen

Ms. Abby Daniel

Allison and Kenneth Davis

Denise and Scott Davis

Ms. Michele De Priest

Ms. Elisbeth DeBenedetto

Mr. Michael DeCicco

Ms. Marlene Deck

Ms. Krista Dellatonia and Mr. William Dellatonia

Jackie Desmond

Ms. Colleen Destefano

Craig Devries

Ms. Joanne Karabetsos-DiBartolo

Mr. Paul Dickinson

Ms. Elsie M. Dieden

Lisa and Mark Dimberg

Mr. Chandler Dimberg

Mr. and Mrs. John Doherty

Ms. Colleen Domes

Ron and Paula Domsky

Mr. and Mrs. Milan Dotlich

Ms. Lisa Dougherty

Ms. Valana Dowell

Ms. Lori Drumm

Ms. Madelaine Dryer

Ms. Robin Dubin

Ms. Katherine Duerdoth

Maureen Duffy

Dr. Bonnie Duman

Ms. Kristin Duncan

Melinda Dunker

Mr. Bradley Dunlap and Ms. Stephanie Dunlap

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Dunphy

Mr. Daniel P. Durbin

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Dushman

Mary Dworak

Ms. Maureen Dziadosz

Mr. Thomas Dzierozynski

Mr. Ryan Easley

Renae Easley

Anne Egan

Mr. Mark Egmon

Ms. Edie Eiseman

Ms. Terese Eklund

Mr. Brent Eldridge

Mr. Dan Elkins

Mrs. Dawn Ellis-Ferzacca

Mr. Duncan Elzinga

Jennifer Embry

Mr. John England

Drs. Randy J. Epstein and Linda S. Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Estabrooke

Mr. and Mrs. David Facklam

Mr. Neil Fairfield

Ms. Bridget Fallon

Ms. Lisa Faremouth

Ms. Sue Fearing

Ms. Lisa Featherer

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Fedder

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Feldman

Ms. Allison Felman

Mr. Robert Fencl

Ms. Paula Fendius

Ms. Dena Ferdinand

Mr. Justin Ferdula and Mrs. Elizabeth Soto

Mr. Donald Ferguson

Mr. Michael Ferguson

C. Fessenden

Ms. Stephanie Fick

Jessica and Glenn Figenholtz

Ms. Carolyn Filipovic

Mr. Michael Fisher

Mr. Adam Fishman

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fitzell

Mr. John Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Flacks

Mr. Arnold Flank


Nancy and Paul Forrester

Mr. Philip Foss

Ms. Kathryn Foust

Ms. Amy Francetic and Mr. Jason Rubinstein

Wendi Frederick

Ms. Barbara French

Ms. Loriann Friedl

Wendy and Gary Friedlander

Ms. Bonnie Friedlen

Mr. Ronald Friedman

Ms. Marci Friedman

Ms. Jill Friedrichs

Ms. Loreli Fritz-Cohn

Ms. Kimberley Fritzsche

Elise and Ira Frost

Ms. Shelley Fulla

Mr. Darrin Funk and Mrs. Carrie Funk

Ms. Anna Fuschetto

Ms. Ingrid Gagainis

Mr. John Gainer

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gajc

Ms. Bridget Gallagher

Tony Galles

Elizabeth Gan

Ms. Ellen Garber Bronfeld

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Garfinkle

Susan Garot

Mr. Tom Gehr

Ms. Amy Gelber

Mr. Daniel Georgen

Mr. Dan Georgevich and Mrs. Meg Georgevich

Mr. Richard Gerber

Mr. Mitchell Gerothanas

Jack and Carol Gilbert

Mr. David Gimbel

Ms. Marie Glenn

Mr. Kevin Gnagey

Mr. Mark Godish

Mr. Michael C. Goeringer

Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Goldberg

Mr. Dan Goldberg and Ms. Lauren Marks

Ms. Renee Goldberg

Mr. Jeff Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Goldsmith

Cesar Gomez

Mr. David Goodman

Mr. Mark Goodman

Ms. Regan Goodsell

Mr. Kenneth Gordon

Ms. Darlene Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Grassle

Mr. Michael Gravel

Liz Grazioso

Susan and Steven Greene

Ms. Tiffany Greenhouse

Ms. Paulette Gregorcy

Ms. Catherine A. Griffin

Ms. Kristin Grimm

Ms. Christine M. Gross

Ron and Lauri Haibeck

Brian R. and Deborah D. Hall

Susan, Chas & Greg Hall

Mr. Jeffrey Halpern

Mr. Mark Hammerschick

Drs. Edward and Nancy Hamming

Ms. Jennifer Hammond

Ms. Heather Hanger

Ms. Cathy Hankwitz

Steven and Nancy Hannick

Ms. Amy Hansfield

Ms. Diane Hanson

Ms. Amy G. Hanssen

Mrs. Allison Harriman

Mr. and Mrs. David Hart

Ms. Ann Harty

Mr. Gary Harvey

Ms. Brenda Hasler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hauser

Gary Hayes

Mr. John Hayes

Mr. Rich Hayes and Mrs. Jan Hayes

Ms. Colette Hays

Ms. Beth Hebert

Brent and Beverly Heimann

Mr. Matthew Heimer

Ms. Arriana Heins

Kerry Heitkotter

Mary Alice and Dave Helms

Colleen F Henderson

Mrs. Angela Henderson

Mrs. Jeri Henoch

Mark Herberger

Dr. Gerhardt A. Herrmann

Mr. Jack Herrmann

Ms. Lillian Herter

Mr. Jeff Hester

Mr. Brett Hesterberg

Ms. Lorrie Heymann

Ms. Katharyn Hill

Ms. Stephanie Hirschboeck

Ms. Lori Holloway

Mrs. Tammy Holme

Ms. Karen Holmgren

Ms. Patricia Hominick

Ms. Susan Homoky

Mr. Katsuaki Horikiri

Dr. and Mrs. Elias J. Horowitz

Mr. James Hospodarsky

Eugene Hotchkiss

Jeanne and Tom Houle

Mr. David Houston

Mr. John Howeth

Ms. Maureen Hunt

Mr. Daniel Huston

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Hutchen

Mr. James Hynes

Ms. Nancy Iberl

Mr. David Ideran

Mr. Jay Ilg

Mr. Leland Irwin

Ms. Donna Iwanski

Dr. Robyn Jacks-DuBose

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jackson

Marjorie and Jeffrey Jacobs

Mr. David Jaffe

Tammy and Joe Jaskulski

Ms. Sara Jensen

Lena Jessen

Mr. Bruce Johnson

Mr. Jimi Johnson

Ms. Anne Johnson

Ms. Ann Johnston

Ms. Erika Jones

Mr. Dennis Joray

Mr. Edgar Joyner

Laura Juarez

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jurczak

Mr. James Kaar

Mr. Thomas Kaczmarek

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kaegi

Ms. Gina Kalama

Ms. Marlene Kamm

Mr. Alex Kanter

Mr. Sujay Kapadia

Mr. Sanford Kaplan

Mr. Scot Karstens

Susan Kasperski

Howard Kaspin

Mr. Kevin Kastenholz

Ms. Julie Katz

Ms. Alexandra Kearns

Jeff Keckley

Mr. Jeffrey Kehl

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kerch

Ms. Linda D. Kiefel

Ms. Doreen Kieffer

Ms. Janet Kilkelly

Ms. Janet Kilroy

Mr. Richard King

Mr. Steven King

Ms. Gayle Kirkpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kirnbauer

Joseph Kish

Mrs. Margaret Kittle-Kamp

Mr. Gregory J. Klein

Ms. Lynley Kleiner

Mr. John Klinge

Mr. Jason Klingler

Ms. Laura Klish

Ms. Joann Knack

Julia Knight

Mr. Jeremy Knobel and Mrs. Alyssa L Knobel

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kopera

Susan Krass

Mr. Frank Krawczyk

Barbara B. Kreml

Ms. Ann Kress

Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Kretchmer

Ms. Linda T. Kriegermeier

Ms. Mariann Krippinger and Mr. Bill Krippinger

Ms. Danna Kriser

Mr. Jeff Kroeger

Ms. Joanne Kron

Mr. Murray Krugman

Ms. Angelina Kula

Mr. David Kullander

Mr. Gene Kulyk

Mr. Jeff Kumpula

Mr. John Kupper

Rich and Jane Lafnitzegger

Ms. Allison Lagman

Ms. Lisa Lanier

Jeri Lannert

Ms. Joan LaPiana

Jeanne Lasheff

Ms. Arlen Lasinsky

James and Mary Kay Laurent

Mr. John Laurie

Mr. and Mrs. Adam LaVoy

Mr. Ed Lawdensky

Mr. Richard Lawrence

Mrs. Jesse Le- Seibert

Mr. Justin Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lefkow

Mr. Stanley Leibowitz

Ms. Catherine Leonis

Ms. Debbie Leopoldi- Kusztelak

Mr. Robert Leppen

Ms. Carla Levi

Ms. Sarah Levi

Ms. Meta Levin

Ms. Andrea Levitt

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Levy

Mr. Jerry Levy

Ms. Patrice Lewis

Ms. Tammy Lewis

Ms. Sharon Li

Maria Liccardo

Ms. Kim Lickteig

Mr. Albert Licup

Mr. Donald Lippert

Ms. Wendy Liss

Dan and Becky Littmann

Mr. John Long

Mr. Thomas Long

Mr. Edward Lorgeree

Chris and David Loundy

Mr. James Lustig

Ms. Erin Luzadder

Mr. Robert Lyman

Cornelious Lynch

Mr. Rich Maas and Susan Maas

Michael and Deborah Maggio

Janet and Kevin Mahanay

Ms. Monica Malec

Ms. Phyllis Malitz, C.P.A.

Patrick Malone

Betsy and Roger Mandel

Mr. Leon Mann

Ms. Jean Mano

Ms. Nancy Margelewski-Ringler

Marianne and Tim Marino

Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Marks

Scott and Ann Marr

Ms. Karen Martin

Mr. Michael Massei

Mr. and Mrs. William Massoth

Ms. Carrie Matlock

Mr. Dennis Mattioli

Mr. and Mrs. Jack McArthur

Ms. Christine McCoy

Jonathan McDonald

Ms. Martha McGinn

Mr. and Mrs. William McGrath

Ms. Victoria McGruder

Mr. Patrick McIntyre

Dr. and Mrs. Robert McKanna

Ms. Kristin McLallen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. McMahon

Ms. Troy McMillan

Ms. Kim McMiller

Mrs. Bobbie McWeeney

Mr. Carlos Medina

Bill Melamed and Jamey Lundblad

Ms. Karen Melbinger

Mr. Keith Mellen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meredith

Mr. Gregory Messenger

Mr. David Meyers

Mr. Seth Michael

Ms. Keya Milla

Ms. Maryanne Miller

Ms. Stacy Miller-Leonard

Ms. Kim Minichiello

Mr. Kelly Minnick

Mr. James F. Mitchell

Ms. Barbara Mockus

Chris J. Mollet and Lynne M. LaJone

Mr. David Mooney

Ms. Christine Moore

Dave and Carol Morey

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic A. Morrone

Robert and Rosemary Moss

Mrs. Lois Moss-Barnwell

Rev. Robert R. Motycka

Mr. Ted Mroz

Karla Mugler

Ms. Cynthia Muldoon

Mr. Thomas E. Mulvihill

Mr. and Mrs. John Muntean

Mary Murphy

Michael Murphy

Ms. Meghan Murray

Robert and Cindy Musikantow

Mr. Robert Nadler and Mrs. Alice Anson

Joan Neil

Ms. Courtney Nelson

Mary Neuman

Ms. Patricia Neuman

Ms. Mary Beth Newman

Mr. James Niemiec

Mr. Ed Nikowitz

Mr. Brett Nisenholz

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nitekman

Mr. Gerard Nolan

Ms. Kathleen Nolan Porta

Ms. Staci-Marie Norman

Ms. Christy Norwood

Ms. Karen Nuebling

Ms. Julie O’Connell

Keith Oglesbee

Ms. Debra O’Gorman

Brian Oleary

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Olsen

Dennis Omalley

Mr. Mike O’Malley

Ms. Diana Ortiz

Ms. Leslie Oshin

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Osterman

Mr. Joe Ostrosky

Ms. Bonnie Ostrowsky

Mr. Ciaran O’Sullivan

Ms. Claret Oulvey

Mr. Randy Oya

Ms. Kathy Paddock

Ms. Sherry Padyasek

Ms. Deborah Page

Karen Palmer

Mary Panfil

Mr. Larry D. Panozzo

Angela Paret

Mr. James Parsons

Mr. Dennis Passis

Ms. Beth Pastor

Mr. Joseph Patrick

Mr. Randall W. Patterson

Katherine Paul

Ms. Michelle Paul

Ms. Lori Pearl

Ms. Kari Pedersen

Mr. Robert Pence

Ms. Cathy Perkins

Mrs. Stacey Perlstein

Mr. Michael Perry

Ms. Marianne Perry

Ms. Vonnie Petersen

Ms. Geneine Peterson

Ms. Cathy Pettis

Mrs. Shirley Pfenning

Mr. Frederick Philips

Diane Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips

Ms. Stacie Phillips

Ms. Susan Phillips

Ms. Karin Pioli

Ms. Judy Planos

Ilana and Marc Platt

Renee Pollino

Mr. James Portalatin

Mr. Gregory H. Portland

Mr. Michael Posey

Ms. April Postelnick

Mr. Robert Potempa

Mr. and Mrs. James Pretlow

Dr. Jean Prindiville

Mr. Kenneth Quinn

Mr. Michael P. Quirk

Ms. Ruth Rabin

Stephen and Julie Rachman

Mr. Ed Rafferty

Mr. Daniel Rahill

Ms. Lillian Rangel

Ms. Jennifer Ransford

Mr. Jeff Rashid

Ms. Mary Rath

Mark Ray

Mr. Ryan Razowsky and Mrs. Jessica Gold

Mr. Steve Read and Ms. Anne McNeill

Mr. Frank Readus

Ms. Diane Reddy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Reich

Mr. Walter Rein

Mrs. Laurie Reinstein

Peter and Susan Reisner

Ms. Margaret Reitz

Mr. Mark Remshak

Mr. Michael Renaldi and Ms. Rosalie Reynolds

Ms. Karen Ribbon

Mr. Jeffrey Rich

Ms. Jamie Richardson

Ms. Jessica Ried

Teresa Grosch and Thomas Roberts

Alan Robin

Mr. Aron D. Robinson

Mr. Richard Rodenbeck

Mr. Isaac Rodriguez

Ms. Nancy Roland

Ms. Donna Romano

Rachel Rone and Robert Topor

Ms. Gabrielle Root

Ms. Joan Himber Rose

Morgan Rosenberg

Ms. Karen Rosenthal

Regina Rospenda

Ms. Georgene Ross

Mr. Dennis Rossow

Ms. Joanna Rowe

Ms. Lucia Rubel

Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Rubinoff

Bob and Amy Ruch

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ruderman

Ms. Gail Russell

Mr. Richard Ruthe

Ms. Lynne Sakanich

Ms. Susan Salerno

Mr. Sean Salins

Ms. Megan Salvador

Craig Samuelson

Mr. Michael J. Santay

Mitchell and Linda Saranow

Ms. Elizabeth Savage

Mrs. Mary Ann Savard

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Savitz

Mrs. Nancy Sawle-Knobloch and Mr. Barry Knobloch

Cathy Sawyers

Ms. Sofia Scalzitti

Mr. David A. Schabes

Mr. Jeff Schaeffer

Alice and Don Schindel

Mr. Alexandre Schleider

Vicki Schmidt

Sarah L. Schmit

Ms. Laura Schoeneman

Mary Louise Schram

Mr. Richard S. Schreiner

Mr. Tim Schroh

Mr. Howard Schuff

Mr. Paul Schultz

Ms. Carol Schultz

Mr. and George Schulz

Ms. Susan Schuring

Patrick Schuster

Ms. Lisa Schwarz

Mr. Jeff Schwarze

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. Semel

Mr. Robert Senger

Mary and Bernie Sergesketter

Ms. Debra Serrao

Ms. Doreen Sevcik

Ms. Terasita Shah

F. Sheppard Shanley

Donald Shapiro

Mr. Arnie Shapiro

Mr. Clifford B. Shapiro

Ms. Jodi Shapiro

Ms. Michelle Shapiro

Mr. Joseph Shea

Marna Sheftic

Mr. Michael J. Shelton

Ms. Christine Sherden

Ms. Deborah Sherrock and Mr. Charles Ted Allen

Will H. Shineflug

Mr. Richard W. Sholts

Dr. Sunil Shroff

Ms. Theresa Shulda

Mr. Randall Shusis

Mr. Carl Siemianowski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Signorella

Ms. Felisse Sigurdson

Mr. Jake Silker

Mr. Robert Sills

Ms. Jeanne Silver

Mr. Jordan Simmermaker

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Simon

Ms. Ellen Singer

Ms. Joanna Sjoblom

Priscilla Slaughter

Mr. M. Brad Slavin

Ms. Nell Sloane

Ms. Barb Sloothaak

Mr. and Mrs. David Smerling

Ms. Ruth Smilg

Mr. Scott Smith

Victor A. Smith

Justin Smollar

Mr. Neil S. Snider

Ms. to Mrs. Thorwald Solverson

Mr. John Snow

Ms. Kristen Snower

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sonneborn

Mr. Jim Sorenson

Janis Sorinsky

Ms. Ivette Sosias and Mr. Clarence Parham

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Spaeth

Ms. Adena P. Staben

Ms. Marcey Stamas

Mr. James Stangle

Ms. Hally Stanley

Mr. Scott Stavnes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Steiner

Mr. Andrew Stevenson

Mr. James Stewart

Ms. Catherine Stickrod

Nicole and Shawn Stoltz

Mr. David Stopek

Mr. Michael Storch

Mr. Ken Straup

Mr. Peter Strittmatter

Mr. and Mrs. Brad R. Studt

Mr. Lawrence Stuelpnagel

Ms. Renee Svec

Carole and Gary Swain

Mr. William Swenson

Ms. Mary Swiderski

Mr. Raymond Swidron

Ms. Jill Swope

Ms. Jacqueline Sylvester

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Szczepanek

Thomas and Beverly Tabern

Ms. Jane Talesnick

Ms. Melissa Tarpey

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Taxy

Fredi Taylor

Ms. Martha Taylor

Robert L. and Sandra Teiken

Ms. Karen Tekiela

Paul Templer

Mr. Tom Templeton

Mr. Nick Tepavachevich

Ms. Bianca Thomae

Mari Gina Thomas

Ms. Patricia Thomas

Ms. Janet Thullen

Mr. Cedric Thurman

Mr. Carl Tisone

Mr. and Mrs. David Tomzik

Ms. Kathleen Tranel

Ms. Linda Transon

Kerry Trobec

Mr. Jerry Trousdale

Mr. and Mrs. Kok-Chi Tsim

Ms. Laurie Turpin

Ms. Amy Uhm

Ms. Lisa Upham

Mary Ann and Ken Urbaszewski

Ms. Christine Valencia

Mr. Angelo Valenti

Mr. Michael Valenti

Mr. David Valko

Mr. Alex H Valvassori

Mr. and Mrs. Hans H. van Overbeek

Janice Vasquez

Mr. Bob Vavra

Dr. Tina Venetos

Ms. Phyllis M. Victorson

Ms. Leanne Walker

Barbara and Harvey Walner

Mr. Mark Walter

Steven Waltz

Susan Ward

Ms. Karen Wass

Mr. Joshua Waters

Mary and Bill Watt

Mr. David Waud

Mr. James J. Weber

Ms. Gail Weber

Mr. Ronald Wehtje

Ms. Karen Weil

Mr. Michael Weinberg, Jr.

Ann and Leonard Weiskirch

Barbara and Victor Weisskopf

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Werdell

Mr. Eric Wettstein

Ms. Joann Whalen

Mr. and Mrs. David Whitmore

Ray and Michele Whittington

Ms. Michelle Wiest and Mr. Tom Puchala

Ms. Michele Willis

Jeremy Wilson

Ms. Susie Witt

John and Robin Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wolfson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wootton

Deborah Wright

Mr. Brennan Wright

Mr. Edward H. Wynn

Ms. Holly Yeates

Ms. Linda Yonke

Ms. Robyn Young

Ms. Susan Young

Riad Youssef

Mr. Joseph C. Zabala

Mr. Michael Zacker

Ms. Colleen Zambole

Leon and Wendy Zar

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zilberstein

Mrs. Judy Zimmerman

Ms. Holly Zimmerman

Ms. Mileen Zucker

Ms. Elisa Zusman

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Carol Adamczyk

Ms. Halleh Akbarnia

Ms. Cathy Alland

Ms. Fay Amerson

Mr. Jerrold Anderson

Mr. Raymond Anderson

Ms. Sonja Anderson

Mr. Robert Angelica and Ms. Marilyn Lindberg

Judy Ashworth

Ms. Julie Aswad

Sandra Baez

Sarah Bakker

Mr. Jeff Balcer

Ms. Jan Baranek

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Barba

Mr. Corey Barker

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Barkhausen

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Barnash

Ms. Lydia Barrett

Mr. Steven Bavaro

Jeffrey Bellinger

Ms. Kimberly Bengson and Mr. Thomas Bonnevier

Mr. Carl Berg

Ms. Katey Berg

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Berkow

Mr. David Berlinghof

Ken and Geri Beutin

Ms. Judy Beyer

Mr. John Bigane

Ms. Erica Bishaf

Ms. Sheila Blackburn

Mr. Greg Blecharczyk

Boaz Blumovitz

Ms. Barbara Brantigan

Jason Bressler

Ms. Donna Brownstone

Mr. Charles Bryda

Mr. Joseph Buckley

Mr. Thomas Buhler

Ms. Cathleen Burrell

Chris Campbell

Alexie Carlson

Ms. Janine Cary

Mr. Robert Chase

Ms. Katherine Cheeseman

Mr. Jonathan Cifonelli

Ms. Audrey Clark

Mr. Albert Cobb

Joyce Cohen

Ms. Mary K Collins

Mr. Gregory Colombe

Mr. Jeffrey Compton

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Coogan

Mr. Keith Cote

Ms. Helene Cotton

Ms. Deborah Dades

Mr. Gint Dargis

Ms. Loretta Davenport

Dacia DeRidder

Mr. Mark A. Deshur

Amy T. Dickinson

Ms. Susan Dienslake

Mr. Michael Dikelsky

Christine Donovan and Adam Weems

Ms. Victoria Dorgan

Mrs. Nicole Drexler

Ms. Laura Drohan and Mr. Neil Drohan

Beth Dudney

Tim Dvorak

Mr. John Edison

Mrs. Jennifer Edwards

The Ehrlichman Family Foundation/Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ehrlichman

Ms. Sheri Emmert

Ernsteen Family Foundation

Ms. Marla Everett

Ms. Lori Fagenholz and Mr. David Multack

Ms. Susan Faier

Jill Faley

Sharon & Bill Feather

Lisa Flanagan

Ms. Mari Flores

Sarah Flosi

Amy Fong

Mr. Craig S. Fox

Mr. Alan Friedman

Ms. Linsey Friedman

Jessica Garcia

Dr. Carolina Garcia-Leahy

Mr. and Mrs. Petar Gataric

Barbara Gellman-Danley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gervasio

Kevin and Nancy Giegoldt

Mr. Josh Gilbert

Mable Gilmore

Kerri Gimbel

Bernadette Gniadecki

Mr. Jerry Gold

Ms. Lynne M. Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Goodall, Jr.

Susan Gould

Ms. Carrie Grady

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Greshock

Ms. Barbara Gritzmacher

Robyn and David Grossberg

Christine Groves

Ms. Julia Guiney

Ms. Kimberly Haan

Ms. Alexandria Habenicht

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hackman

Ms. Megan Hagglund

Mr. Van Hanover

Lindsey Havensek

Steven & Patti Helfand

Mr. Scott Hendrickson

Mr. David Herman

Ms. Lisette Hernandez

Mr. Randy Hertel

Ruth Hinkelman

Ms. Sherri A. Hlavacek

Ms. Rosemarie Hobbs

Mr. Jonathan Hopmayer

John Howard

Cheri and Tom Hubbard

Christina Hunt- Schubnell

Mr. Bob Hurlbut

Ms. Amy Hyerczyk

Bill and Roberta Ingersoll

Dirk Ingram

Laurie Jackson

Steven Jacobsen

Ronald Janowiak

Mrs. Lauren Jansen and Mr. Mike Jansen

Mr. Robert Jirgal

Ms. Susan Joenck

Ms. Elaine Johnson

Ms. Mary E. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnston

Adam Kaplan

Ms. Mindy Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Karlblom

Ms. Michele Kaspar

Mr. Robert Keating

Carole Keller

Ms. Jan Kelley

Brian and Carol Kenney

Susan Keno

Greg Kibby

Ms. Kathleen Klemt

Rebecca Knohl

Mr. Robert Kopka

Mr. Jim Korompilas

Ms. Linda Kosarek

Mr. Bryan Kraemer

Ken Krause

Mr. John Krzystofiak

Mr. William Kusack

Shiho Kushida

Ms. Marcia Lagerwey

Dr. Steven Lake

Ms. Beth Lambert

Ms. Christina Lambert

Mr. Daniel Lamond

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lampinen

Mr. Joseph C. Lane

Mr. Craig Laplante

Mr. Steve Laudick

Tricia Lazzaro

Terry Leiting

Steven and Judith Lemberger

Fay and Daniel Levin

Ms. Jennifer Lindberg

Ms. Jill Lindberg

Collin Lindgren

Mr. Thomas loane

Ms. Josefa Lopez

David Maher

Kim and Alan Maites

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mandell

Michael Margelewski-Hall

Mr. Richard Marlinga

Mary Mathys

Mr. John Matras

Mr. Gary D. McCallister

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan McCandless

Mr. and Mrs. Blasko C. Ristic

Ms. Rebecca McDermott

Brian McGarry

Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. McNally

Vineet Mehra

Mr. Robert Mendonsa

Dr. Deborah Mitchell

Mary Ellen Modlin

Ms. Kimberly Moore

Dr. Eileen Morrison

Mr. James Morrissey

Mr. Luis Murillo

Timothy Mussman

Mr. and Mrs. David Myles

Mitch Nedic

Mr. William Neketis

Ms. Kathryn Nellis

Ms. Linda Nixon

Mr. Paul Novak

Mr. Kevin O’Connell

Mr. Keith Ohm

Mr. John Ortbal

Mr. James Page

Mr. John Pappas

Ms. Eileen Paschen

Ms. Mary Lou Paul

David Paushter

Joan Pernecke

Bonnie Phoenix

Drs. James B. Pick and Rosalyn M. Laudati

Ms. Debbie Plager

Bill Plasky

Ms. Jeanette Pletcher

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Porras

Mr. Larry Prentiss

Mr. Robert Prisco

Ms. Barbara Purcell

Michael A. Pusatera

Alyssa and Brian Quinlan

Ms. Antoinette Ramsey

Patrick Rice

John and Marilyn Richards

Ms. Erika Rico

Mrs. Alison Riva

Mr. Dennis Roberts

Ms. Cheryl Rohlfs

Ms. Dorice Royce

Mr. Chris Rush and Mrs. Jessica Rush

Mr. Douglas Rutherford

Anne Ryan

Mr. Clayton Sadler

Ms. Marilyn Schick

Ms. Raelisa Schmidt

Richard Schmig

Sara Schnack

Joel Schneider and Mrs. Cathy Schneider

Mr. Jeff Schnoor

Mr. Charles Schwartz

Ms. Diana Scott

Mr. Nicholas Sedlak

Mr. Jim Seefeldt

Ms. Melissa Segal

Mr. Kevin Sheridan

Mr. Douglas Shipley

Edith Shouse

Richard Simms

Mr. Larry Simon

Mr. and Mrs. William Sims

Barbara Slivnick

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Solem

Ms. Wendy Sowders

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Spalding

Heather Spyra

Mrs. Nicole Stanley

Ms. Anat Steinberg

Mr. Jerry Steinhauer

Dr. Robert Strasser

Ms. Judy Strong

Ms. Mary Kay Swanlund

Ms. Sandra Swift

Marion Taicsich

Mr. Ray Taylor

Mr. Dan Thalheimer

Jennifer Thatcher

Mr. and Mrs. John Tiwet

Maria Tovar

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Treschl

Mr. Thomas Trzeciak

Susan and Bob Underwood

Mr. Richard Urevig and Mrs. Lucie Dumas

Carla Uylat

Ms. Amy Vail

Christopher Venable

Ms. Josefa Volpentesta

Ms. Jennifer Walker

Charles Walters

Bonnie Wegner

Mr. Steven Weinstock

Ms. Paige Wiegel

Kevin Wiese

Linda and Payson S. Wild, Jr.

Ms. Kay Wilde

Ms. Debra Wilson

Ms. Amanda Wood

Ms. Lisa Yates

Brian Zias

Mr. Chad Zielinski

Mr. Nathan Zuilkowski and Dr. Rebecca Hansen

Anonymous (9)

Lori Abel

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Abrams

Cynthia and Martin Alston

Eric Anderson

Thomas Anderson

Colleen Andrews

Laura Asiala

Colette Asmussen

Jeanette Atherton

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Atkinson

Ms. Ewa Augusewicz

William Baikie

Stephanie Baiocchi

Amanda and Douglas Baker

Ms. Lynn Barone

Robert Barry

Valarie Bastek

Carol Becker

Lisa Becker

Mr. James Beeler

Mr. Michael Beitscher

Dr. Susan Berger

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Bernstein

Patricia and John Berwanger

Marijon Binder

Erin Bishop

Ms. Roberta Bodkin

Kevin Boers

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Borash

Ms. Mercedes Borzyskowski

Lee Bowman

Ms. Deborah Bradford

Mr. James Bradley

Kirsten Brandt

Bruce Werner

Jessica Breitbach, In Memory of Amy Graller

Ms. Renee Brizz

Marianne Brosnan

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Brown

Ms. Mary Ann Brown

Susan Brown

Ms. Maureen Buchholz

Mr. Stan Butler

Mr. Matthew A. Callahan and Mrs. Laura M. Callahan

Ms. Cynthia E. Carlson

Sheila Carney

Tracey Carothers

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Castellini

Lynn Carver

Tammy and Mike Cetina

Ms. Mirian Chaplik

Mr. George Chiampas

Deborah Christiansen

Alvina Chu

Wayne and Kris Citron

Ms. Karyn Citti

Jim Clennan

Mr. Daniel Close

Nancy Cohen

Steven Cohn

Ms. Christine Coleman

Ms. Madeline Collins

Charles Colodny and Debra Colodny

Dylan Commeret

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Coven

The Cullotta Family

Ms. Karen D. Daugherty and Mr. Dennis Doheny

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley David

Mary Davis

Pedro De Jesus and Elise Hausken

Ms. Else Britt DeLong

Devin DelRicco

Mr. and Mrs. Carl DeMasi

William Dickman

Kim DiGangi

Eileen Dirks

Bernard J. and Sally Dobroski

Ms. Judi Domutz

Mr. Lawrence Doyle

Jenna Duffy

Ms. Susan Dugan

Loraine Edwalds

Ms. Donna Egan

Dian Eller

Mr. Daniel Ellig

Mr. Thomas Evans

Wendy and Michael Ezgur

Mr. Timothy Fara

Ms. Julie Farrow

Mr. William J. Fireside

Dr. and Mrs. William Fishman

Cheryl Flinn

Ginnie Flynn

Ms. Christine Foley

Maureen Foresman

John Forsyte

Sarah Frame

Carol and Alan Friedlander

Barrett Fromme

Matthew Fuller

Mr. Steve Fuoco

Vincent Furman

Walter and Anne Fyk

Mr. and Mrs. Seth A. Gastwirth

Ms. Diane Geissler

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gelfeld

Ann and Ray Geraci

Mr. Richard Gieser

Ms. Tracy Giffen

Ms. Jennifer Gill

Ms. Mary Gilliam

Jane Girdham

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Giurato

Laura and Jason Glick

Judith and Jeff Golden

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Goldfeder

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Goldstein

Lynda Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Gordon

Charles Gorski

Mr. Tom Goulding

Francis and Elaine Greb

Ms. Judith Greenman

Sam Gulino

Lee and Ellen Gussin

Larry and Renee Hagerty

Susan Haimes

Kenneth and Deborah Hallman

Jennifer Ham

Robert Hanrehan

Deborah Hansen

Krystine Hansen

Mary Harden

Ms. Megan Harker

Beaty Harris

Dana Harris

Mr. Gary Hart

Tara Havlicek

Ms. Judith Haynes

Alexandra Helmuth

Ms. Colleen Hennessy

Phil Higgins

Steve Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hinch

Ms. Carrie Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holleman

Brent Hope

Deborah Horn

Sharon Burks Horos

Jerry Horton

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Horwitz

Ms. Linda Hughes

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Hull

Toni Huscher

Ms. Loretta Jackson

Vincent H. Jackson

Mr. Cary Jacobs

Ms. Charity Johns

Maryl Johnson, M.D.

Pamela Johnson

Andrew Jones

Ms. Jennifer Jones

Deedee and Tom Jordan

Joshua Kaufman

Nancy Joan Kauzlarich

Dori Keller

Marilynn Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kilgus

Ms. Ann Kilpatrick

Mrs. Young Kim

Mr. Daniel Kiss

Lindy and John Knoepke

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kohr

Candia Koleszar

Mark Kornegay

Mr. Mark Kovic

Lynda and Charles Kraemer

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Krier

Ms. Louella Krueger Ward

Wally and Marcia Lagerwey

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Lane

Mr. Dante Lanzetta

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Larsen

Chad and Ruth Lawson

Mr. Brian Leadingham

Ms. Foo Choo Lee

Marsha and Paul Lee

Mr. and Ms. Tim LeFevour

Mr. and Mrs. David Leibowitz

Ilana Lemberger

Nicole Lemberger

Ms. Sharon Lentino

Frank Lestina

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Levi

Dr. Murray Levin

David and Becky Levine

Mr. Barrie Lieberman

Stephen Lindley

Tom Lipman

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lyman

Lopez Consulting, Inc

Mrs. Eileen Luehrs

Mr. Kenneth Mackey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Maganuco

Michelle Maher

Paul Mahon

Mr. Chris Mancera

Dr. Sheldon H. Marcus

Julie Masterson

Connie Matthews

Bernadette May

Ms. Maureen McCarthy

Michelle McCaskey

Allison McCormick

Mr. Wilson McDermott

Ms. Christine McGreal

Mr. Richard McMullen

Thomas C. McWalters

Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. Melamed

Timothy Messer

Ms. Barbara Meyer

Mr. Jonathan Meyer

Kimberly Miller

Ms. Sarah J. Miller

Mrs. Trish Molloy

Mrs. Beverly Moor

Ms. Donna Mordini

Ms. Sadaria Morgan

Mark Muench

Ms. Naoki Nakamura

Josh and Stacie Nanus

Mrs. Abigail Natenshon

Roger Nelson

Mrs. Geraldine Newmark

Patricia Nihill

Mary Jane Novenario-Reese

Mr. Thomas Ochs II and Ms. Laura Parise

Alan Palmer

Dr. and Mrs. Paras Parekh

Mr. Thomas Patterson

Ms. Rebecca Payne

Linda Pedian

Andrea Peinovich

Kathleen Hill and Christian Perez

Mr. Robert Persin

Jennifer Pescatore

Ms. Stephanie Peters

Steve Petrucci

Ms. Maria Picchietti

Ms. Romana Picchietti

Mr. Raul Pina

John Poertner

Mr. Ted Polk

Ms. Gail Polzin

Deborah Price

Mr. Tom Pritchett

Mr. David A. Pryor and Mrs. Stephanie Zosak

David Rahija

Gail Rakauskas

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ranzieri

Stephen and Susan Rappin

Jennifer Rattner

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Reding

Mr. Matthew Reidel

Mary Renner

Monica Rho

Mrs. Jennifer Lee Richards and Mr. Randy Richards

Paul and Carol Rigby

Mr. Anthony E. Roberts and Mrs. Jessica Ann Roberts

Richard Roberts, In Honor of Kevin Cole

Ms. Amy Rogers

Ms. Daisy Rojas

Ms. Eileen Rosenfeld

Terrence Ross

Don Ross and Beth Amatangelo

Celeste Roth

Ms. Betty Rous

Carolyn and David Saidel

Ronald Sakai

Deborah Salaterski

Karen Sallis

Scott Salvati

Ms. Elinor P. Saunders

Amy Scher

Mr. Howard Schickler

Dianne and Uriel Schlair

Mr. Jason Schmitt

Ms. Kristin Schmidt

Mr. David Schneider

Mrs. Sara Schneider

Pamela Schroeder

Ms. Lisa Schultz

Laura Schutt

Al and Joy Schwarz

Matthew Scothorn

Donna Scott

Martha Seaton

Elizabeth Sender

Ms. Molly Sender

Beth Shadur and Bruce Mainzer

Eileen Shanley-Roberts

Annie Shea

Mr. James Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Shindoll

Julie Smith

Ms. Cathy Smith

Ms. Dorla Smith

David Snyder

Mr. and Ms. Gavin Sollinger

Stephen Spencer

Mike Stanislawski

Ms. Marilyn A. Steenwyk

Mr. Will Steinberg

Sue Stevens

Linda Sahagian and Douglas Stewart

Ms. Amelia Stowe

Neal Suchak

Carol Stukey

Ms. Kathryn Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

Mr. Joon H. Sung

Ed and Barbara Swanson

Ms. Mary Syc

Nancy Sylvester, In Honor of Jacqueline Sylvester

Mr. Joseph Szczepaniak

Adam Tanielian

Richard Tatara

Paul Tate

Mark Tatge

Marilyn M. and Edward E. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tobin

Ms. Rita Torf

Timothy Trompeter

Justin Uhl

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Underwood

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew VanCura

Marilyn Varn

Ms. Constance Vivado

Kirsten Vogeley

Mr. and Mrs. John Vratimos

Christopher Walker

Edward Walters

Ms. Kara Weber

David Weidenfeld

Ms. Claire Weiler

Ms. Victoria Weisenberg

Mr. John Wellhausen

Anna Wessely

Ms. Jerolyn Whitehead

Mr. Thomas J. Wickland

Peter Wiejaczka

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Christopher and Julie Wood

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Mark Yokota and Family

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Alexander Zeier

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