Visitor Information


Concerts from the Lawn

The pavilion stage is not within view of the lawn (well, most areas anyways). However, with your lawn ticket you may stand near the back or along the sides of the pavilion and feel like you are in the pavilion. Only reserved-seat ticket holders can see the stages of the Martin Theatre and Bennett Gordon Hall, as they are indoor venues. Never fear, you can still hear! All concerts in the pavilion and Martin Theatre are broadcast to the lawn via a state-of-the-art sound system.

Rain Out

Come prepared, as all concerts occur, rain or shine. Although Chicago weather is predictably sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, occasionally Poseidon will stir up hurricane-like conditions in Lake Michigan causing Ravinia lawn patrons to give new meaning to the term “storm troopers.” For your convenience, the Ravinia Weatherline is updated daily with the expected forecast for that evening, call 847-266-5100. Please note that all sales are final and no refunds will be made in the case of inclement weather.

Opening Acts

Many Ravinia concerts will feature opening artists prior to the headliner without notice. Consider this a bonus and make sure to tell your guests that you arranged it. Please call 847-266-5100 for information.

Late Seating

We realize that you are the star of every performance. However, other patrons don’t appreciate your level of talent or how quickly you can find your seat and actually view your late arrival as a disturbance instead of a gift. As a result, reserved-seat ticket holders will not be admitted to the pavilion, Martin Theatre or Bennett Gordon Hall after the start of the performance unless there is a suitable break in the program. Late seating is at the discretion of the management.

Artist Signings

You may get to meet your favorite performer (screams and applause erupt and you fall out of your chair). Unfortunately, autographs are at the discretion of the artist, who may elect to end the signing at any point. Listen for announcements about artist signings before the performance or at intermission. Purchase of official licensed merchandise is highly recommended for artist signings, and in some cases, artists require in-park purchase. Your purchase does not guarantee an autograph, but at least you’ll have a memento.

Concert Etiquette

Etiquette is not anything to stress about – concerts are supposed to be relaxing and fun. The rule of thumb is to go by what other audience members are doing, if they are dancing and cheering you should, too; but if they are sitting quietly, you probably should too.

Rock, jazz, pop, blues (anything non classical) Performance: feel free to dance, sing, clap and essentially rock out because we want you to enjoy yourself, but don’t scream so loud that you muffle the music or dance so crazy that you whack your neighbor.

Classical Performance: pretend you are at the movies at the most important part where you find out who is the killer or if she will ever forgive him and someone in front of you starts coughing or gets up to go to the bathroom. It totally ruins the moment and is a huge distraction. The same thing happens at a classical concert. Every time you cough, talk or move any part of your body you might as well stand up and scream because that is how disturbing it is to your fellow concert-goers.

Cameras and Recording

Photo, video or recording equipment is strictly prohibited at all Ravinia events. We know that your pictures and recordings are only going to be shared with your closest friends (and millions of users online), but the performers find it a bit rude. Such equipment may not be taken into any facility or used at any performance.