Ravinia's Steans Music Institute

Program for Jazz

Steans Jazz Program

The Program for Jazz exists to promote the art of small ensemble improvisation. Although part of the program focuses on performing a well-rehearsed concert, most of the days are spent rehearsing with a variety of individuals, learning how to perform well with changing personnel. Participation in the Program for Jazz is by invitation only.

Program dates: June 13 to 19, 2015


The fellows will present the annual RSMI Jazz Grandstand concert of original compositions as the culmination of their week of study. Please join us in Bennett Gordon Hall at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, June 20.

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David Baker, Program Director
Nathan Davis, Saxophone
Curtis Fuller, Trombone
Rufus Reid, Bass


John Michael Bradford, trumpet
Anna Butterss, bass
Andy Clausen, trombone
Hunter Diamond, tenor saxophone
Thiago Fernandes, saxophone / clarinet
Addison Frei, piano
Perrin Grace, bass
Eric Hirsh, piano
Josiah Lamb, trumpet
Diego Lyra, piano
Jeffery Miller, trombone
Josh Roberts, drums
Bobby Scharmann, bass
Eli Weidman, drums
Matt Young, drums